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Ancient of Strife

Ancient of Strife is a Power - one of the godlike rulers of both the Material Reality and the Elsewheres. Like in the case of other Powers, it's unknown how exactly it looks. It isn't even known if it actually 'looks' in conventional sense, being a concept itself more than anything else.   Strife encompasses warfare, but for all the wrong reasons, or even no reason. They tend to be portrayed as a barbaric warlord.   Unlike most Powers where their interpersonal relationships is largely unknown, it is generally assumed by Initiates as a whole that Strife hates the Archon of War and is hated by War in turn. The main proof of this cited by most Initiates is due to their Lesser Aberrants and even cults hating each other and being unable to tolerate each other's presence.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Weapons tainted by blood.

Tenets of Faith

The Ancient of Strife is all about fighting for the wrong reasons. A fact reflected in how their cults operate. Universal amount the Cultists of Strife is the fact that their position in the heirarchy is based entirely on their combat abilities without any regard for their actual capacity for leadership in other areas. Killing or subjugating your superior for promotion, as well as killing or subjugating your subordinates to maintain your position, is not just expected but encouraged among their cults.

The cults tend to pose as anything where fighting and weapons are not out of place. These can range from fighting clubs or martial arts dojos, to weapon shops, to the headquarters of Private Military Contractors. These are similar to what the cultists of War pose as due to the similarities of their respective patrons.


Ancient of Strife

Malevolent (Important)

Towards Archon of War


Archon of War

Benevolent (Important)

Towards Ancient of Strife


Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both the Ancient of Strife and the Archon of War are divine beings of war. Where they differ is why they fight their wars. The Archon of War encompasses righteous reasons for fighting wars. The Ancient of Strife needs no reason to cause strife.


  Type: Power
Pantheon: Ancients
Aliases: Patient Hunter.
Alignment: Malevolent [V]

Aligned Entities


High Legionnaire



Aligned Spells

Berserker's Rage


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