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Vanguard. The woman I found when I was out scavenging that day. I thought she was a High Riser when I found her initially, but nothing really added up. She was wearing this weird white outfit, and she didn't look like any High Riser I'd ever seen (not that I'd seen many before). I probably should have just left her where I found her, but for some reason I couldn't help myself, I had to help her. But that's when it all began... That night, when we were attacked, she saved my life. This man who she'd never met before, who'd taken her back to his apartment, and she saved me. I owe her big time for that.   Anyway, she's proven herself to be a fairly trustworthy person. But to be honest she also kind of scares me. I don't know that much about her really. She's a Traveller, and she comes from one of these other Realms that she calls Astilar. Her Traveller abilities seem to allow her to alter gravity and move objects mainly, I haven't really seen her do anything else yet. Other than that, she's pretty much a mystery to me.
Unknown Unknown The Glistening Seas of Astilar(Realm)

Hair colour
Dark brown


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