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REALMS Welcome to The Endless Sea, Traveller

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Realms... Pockets of existence...     Separated by an Endless Sea of possibility...     Travellers... Those imbued with Essence...     Gifted with the ability to shape the very fabric of reality...     But with the ability and power to control reality...     Comes the responsibility to keep it safe.



The universe of REALMS is one made up of multiple Realms of existence. Each Realm is a self-contained pocket of existence, all sitting within a vast and endless expanse of warped and distorted reality - The Endless Sea. The existence of these multiple Realms of existence is rare and coveted knowledge, kept secret for hundreds of years, as any normal person who dares cross the border between their home Realm of existence and the endless expanse of distorted reality that lies between the Realms will rarely find themselves able to return. Only Travellers - people imbued with Essence, a strange and unknown force of nature - have the ability to travel between the Realms unharmed. Not only that, but being imbued with Essence also gifts these Travellers with the ability to manipulate reality to their will. However, Travellers have been long thought extinct, and any knowledge of their existence lives on simply as a fairy tale, a story of legends passed down through generations.   For hundreds of years the Realms of existence have remained separated, stagnant, and the existence of Travellers has all but faded into myth. Now however, secrets are beginning to be uncovered, and events are beginning to unfold that have the potential to leave the fate of the entire universe hanging in the balance.   Welcome to REALMS.




REALMS is a living, breathing, ever-evolving universe: a fictional landscape home to fantastical stories, engaging narratives, deep world-building and mysterious secrets delivered through a variety of mediums such as music, visual art, videos, social media, and more. As new works set within the universe get released, more information will become available, allowing you - the audience - to explore the storyworld, learning about its lore, history, people, places, culture, and uncover new knowledge and secrets as various stories unfold across the different mediums.   Here in this World Anvil, you will be given the opportunity to dive deeper into the lore of the REALMS universe, uncovering detailed information about places and characters that appear in other media set within the universe. To navigate this space, simply click on the menu button on the left hand side or on one of the books below and begin your discovery.   REALMS presents a new, unique, and exciting way for me to share my music, providing greater depth, connectedness, and cohesion across my musical releases, and allowing for tight and engaging integration with other forms of media. Whether you simply engage with one medium such as the music, or become enthralled by the expansive universe and uncover everything there is to know, REALMS offers endless levels of opportunities for engagement and entertainment. I hope you enjoy your time here and I can't wait for you to join me.   For the full REALMS experience, please visit   What are you waiting for? The Endless Sea awaits, Traveller.   Matt AKA Martiln

"Once upon a time, many many years ago, the world we now live in was very different, and made up just a single part of a much larger world, one not bound by the Shroud or anything like it. Giant masses of land were separated by vast bodies of water. On these masses of land there were cities and towns of all shapes and sizes, and in these cities and towns there were people of all different colours and cultures. There were those who would speak in different tongues, and could travel city to city going their whole lives without ever seeing all there was to see. Stretches of rocks and crags littered with lakes of red water, fields of ice, plains of green, clusters of trees, expansive canyons, large mountains that stretched taller than the tallest buildings and large regions of nothing but sand and dunes all dotted the landscapes.   One day however, this all changed, as a flash of energy tore through the entirety of this world, ripping it apart piece by piece. Cities were separated, mountains turned into canyons, seas began to boil and entire masses of land dissolved into nothingness as this explosion of energy began to split the world into pieces, dividing it into mere fractions of what it once was. The pieces of the world that remained, these realms of existence, were left separated from each other, and in between them lay the remnants of what once was a great and prosperous world, floating about in a dangerous expanse that no normal human could pass through. However, this explosion of energy that tore apart the world also gifted those who were caught in its blast with strange and wonderful powers. These people were not only able to move through the dangerous expanse that separated the remnants of civilisation, but this strange energy had also bestowed upon them the gift of gods, giving them the power to create anything out of nothing, and bend, alter and shape reality into anything they wanted it to be.   In order to keep each realm of existence safe, these new and powerful people, these Travellers, created a barrier around each of them, sealing them off from each other and protecting them from the dangers of the expanse that lay between them. For many years, these Travellers moved between each of the realms of existence, serving as protectors of this new and fragmented world, defending the remnants of humanity from all of the new dangers that had arisen alongside it. As time went on though, there were some Travellers who would abuse their power, and use it for their own selfish gains. Many people also began to grow scared and jealous of these Travellers and their power, until eventually it was decided that the world had no need of them any more. And so they left, making their way into the space between the worlds, where it's said they still live to this very day.   Some people say that these Travellers still occasionally make their way into our world, and deal with the dangers that none of us even know exist. Some say that there are still Travellers living among us even now, hiding their powers and just going about their lives as we all do, and some even say the existence of Travellers and other realms of existence is just a fairy tale, used to excite, inspire and scare kids just like you. The only thing that's for sure is that no one has seen a Traveller in many many years, and the mere memory of them and these other realms has all but faded away into stories just like this one.   Who knows, maybe one day the Travellers will come back to us, appearing right when we need them the most. Maybe none of it is real, and beyond the Shroud there really is just nothing, and the world has always been just like it is today. But maybe, just maybe, these Travellers are still here with us today, and maybe you're one, and maybe I'm one, but we just don't know it... yet."
— Nathan Skye