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The Endless Sea

Existing as the space between Realms, The Endless Sea is an infinite expanse of constantly shifting, changing and warping reality. Water flows upwards from nothing, rocks and islands float and shift in the air, impossible formations appear in the distance before morphing entirely or vanishing in an instant, and a person’s sense of up, down, left and right can shift or alter without any warning or explanation. As unsettling as this space of existence is, it’s also unfathomably breathtaking, beautiful and awe-inspiring. Due to the nature of The Endless Sea and the potency of the Essence that present throughout it, traversing it is near impossible for any normal human or other creature, and only those born of Essence, such as Travellers, are able to make their way through this strange space without aid. Because of this, very few people are actually aware of its existence, and even those that are understand very little about the space, what it is, how to navigate it and how it came to be.  


  The Endless Sea is a vast, infinite, and constantly shifting expanse where anything is possible. The potency of the Essence of the space makes it so that otherwise impossible things can occur, and one's sense of space, time and self can shift dramatically from one moment to the next without warning. The unsettling and unpredictable nature of this space makes it incredibly dangerous to traverse, however it is also what gives it an incredible sense of awe-inspiring beauty that is unparalleled by anything else that exists anywhere in the universe.
Interdemensional Plane
Alternative Name(s)
The Beyond
The Void
The Gateway Realm


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