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Welenar Del Orlen

"Even the mighty can fall to pride and deception. The once decorated captain of the Royal Navy, now nothing more than a blood thirsty pirate who seeks nothing more than gold. It's a shame I have to hunter her and kill her."   ~ Unknown Bounty Hunter

Personality Characteristics


Welenar Del Orlen's current motivation is to lay claim over the whole of the Clumarian Ocean in the name of the Bloody King. Her claim over the Clumarian Ocean has been slow going with the Lucky Foot gangs fleet ever encroaching on claimed territory, as well as the ships of the Uta'goshian ships laying claim to a small archipelago in the western part of the Clumarian Ocean.   Welenar's fleet is small but growing ship by ship as she's been engaging with the intruders to her oceans.

Vices & Personality flaws

The Blade of Usurpation that she posses is her most prized item. If any, even her own crew, get to close to the blade she strikes and eliminates them no matter how useful they are.   Though she has a very tactical mind her immortality has caused her to become an over thinker and nit pick every detail of a plan or engagement. Eventually the Blade of Usurpation coaxes her into action with little to no regards for her plans.


Even though Welenar Del Orlen is no longer mortal she still maintains a decent hygiene standard with the belief that a disheveled captain breeds insubordination. Her favored scents to wear are lavender and vanilla. Her clothes are always well maintained and are cleaned to perfection. She still wears the medals she earned prior to her conversion to the creature she was. The temptation is there to mar them but the military mind of hers refuses to allow herself to look unkempt in anyway shape or form.
Lawful Evil


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