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"The Utoians were rulers of the skies before Aedran was inhabited by mortal races. Creations of the Primordials they were the ones to shape the planet and set into motion many events that are still felt to this day."   ~ Unknown Scholar


Major language groups and dialects

Utoian's primary languages were Primordial and Giant. They learned the languages of other races if needed for diplomatic reasons.

Average technological level

Utonian's obtained a very simple, in current standards, of technology but were able to infuse their creations with elemental power. Their practices were part of the foundation that Arcanist utilized for the creation of the current arcane traditions.

Common Etiquette rules

Utoian's were very domineering when interacting with one another and other races. They saw being the most powerful as the most desired trait. When addressing a Utoian of higher station the lesser one would avert their gaze as looking another in the eye was a sign of challenge.

Common Dress code

Utoian's standard dress depended on the elements that the individual was attuned to.

Historical figures

A major part of the history of the Utonians is Blood Thunder Erion. During his existence he was feared by not only his kin but his fellow Primordials and other Giants. He was a tyrant to his people and ruthless in his invasion tactics. Territories that didn't surrender to his rule were wiped from their existence and their citizens were entombed alive so they could suffer for their disobedience. The Giants started to feat that soon his gaze would fall upon them and they started to plot his downfall.   During a day where there was not a cloud in the sky the Giants struck. With no clouds Blood Thunder Erion's power was drastically diminished. After the assault concluded Blood Thunder Erion was slain and the Giants started the partition of power. This was the start of the Giants cast system that is still used to this day.


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