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"The people of Undor have never been seen. We know they exist because new structures have been noted during future expeditions. We're hoping this next expedition will yield better results. I'm hoping it's Lizardfolk."   ~ Unknown Archeologist


It is unknown who settles this territory. The current theory is that the island is inhabited by Yuan-ti that broke off from one of the larger civilizations.


Archeologist have broken down Undor into three districts. The Chapel, Residential, and Hunting Grounds. The Hunting Grounds covers a mile of land in the south eastern section of the village. The residential area is all of the buildings in the village that have been discovered. It is unknown if any of the buildings have any other function excluding housing nor can it be confirmed that they aren't used to house individuals.   The Chapel is the area that houses all the statues of the hybrid humanoids.


Undor as discovered by accident when a ship was ran aground on an undiscovered island. The crew scoured through the island seeking assistance. At the center of the island the sailors found empty hovels. Curious they explored the hovels and only found incomprehensible scribbles none could understand. When they explored further they found statues depicting individuals with humanoid bodies but the head of animals. The sailors took some supplies they needed and escaped the island.   When the stories of the crews encounter of the island it sent the archeology community into a fervor. They called it the Gem of Lost Civilization.


Archeologist visit Undor once a year in hopes to discover the elusive denizens of the island.


The structures of Undor are made of wood and roved with the surrounding foliage. Statues of some unknown creatures are carved out of stones that are found no where on the island excluding the bottom of the ocean floor near the island.


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