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Trul (a.k.a. Ear of the Shadows)

"In the shadows I hide. In the shadows I listen. In the shadows I learn. In the shadows I will rule all of Hell."   ~ Trul

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Trul was a low-level cut throat in the Black Hand. After serving three years in the organization without promotion he sought assistance from a devil. When the deal was struck Trul rocketed through the ranks of his cell. When he integrated to a new cell of the Black Hand he met a member who's infernal sponsor was opposed the devil that granted him his power.   When he was killed his soul was sent to Baator he started his servitude to his sponsor as a lowly Lemur. After accidentally stumbling in front of his Master preventing an assassination he was promoted to an Imp. With his new found freedom Trul started to spy on anyone and everyone gathering any intel he could.   A wizard summoned Trul to Aedran in an attempt to force Trul into servitude. When the ritual failed, and the wizard was subsequently killed, Trul continued his constant spying. He grew fascinated with how mortals interacted with one another lying over trivial things without any ability to keep the lie going.   Trul currently serves as a familiar for Delphine Debauchery in BludHaven.

Intellectual Characteristics

Trul has an uncanny ability to maintain a lie for prolonged period of time. He always knows what lie he's told to what person, and what lies he's heard spoken to the individual.

Morality & Philosophy

Trul doesn't see himself as evil but doesn't see himself as a good person either.

Personality Characteristics


Trul desires to learn all he can about every individual in existence. He believes that if he learns about every individuals dark secrets he can manipulate everyone into serving his goals. Due to his small demeanor he has to remain hidden and skulk in the darkest shadows.


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