Throne of the Fens

"In this throne he rose to godhood. In this throne blood still flows in his name. In this throne I will sit and claim it as my own. I will be the new Bloody King."   ~ Knight of the Bloody King

Purpose / Function

The Throne of the Bloody King is rumored to be the exact throne that he sat on after his successful coupe. Though the name of the kingdom has been erased from history many believe that its the throne room in the Fens. Unfortunately that cannot be confirmed as no one has ever been able to get into the castle in the Fens. The only indications of this objects existence is the religious text of the Bloody King.   The religious text states that any who sit upon this throne openly challenge the Bloody King to combat. Those who are successful in defeating the Blood King will claim its divinity and ascend to godhood and become the new Bloody King. This is the aspiration of all members of the Bloody King. Any who do not have this goal are considered to weak to serve under his banner and are made into slaves.


Near the end of the Age of Umber the world of Aedran was shaken to its core as a new god rose. Individuals all recall having dreams of an elven male sitting on a throne with a crooked rusted crown resting on his brow. A scepter in one hand and a blade in another emanating a powerful aura of oppression. Blood seeped from under the form as the body became sallow and all the physical characteristics started to fade. Now all that sat in the throne was a shrived skin figure with long white hair and royal robes. A king was born that day.
Room, Hall, Throne Room


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2 Aug, 2022 23:23

Everyone always loves a good and bloody apotheosis story. A rise to divinity must needs always be preceded by a fall am I right? Cool article, interesting concept with the throne being a tangible, in theory, object that provides a dark route to divinity.