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The Wildlands

"When everyone thinks of the Fey Wilds they incorrectly think of an untamed wilds teeming with chaotic Fey. They're horribly wrong. Though not organized in the traditional sense the Fey have a hierarchy. If you want untamed, unfettered chaos your time is better spent studying the lore and theories of the Wildlands. Neither holy or unholy Divinity have been able to claim a solitary parcel of land."   ~ Unknown Scholar


The Wildlands houses different biospheres from across the multiverse.

Localized Phenomena

The Wildlands manifest itself as spirits that represent all the different primal creatures of the multiverse. These spirits not only do these spirits provide guidance to the primal souls awaiting their reincarnation. They also provide a defense for the different intruders that attempt to claim territory of in the Wildlands.   Any attempts to colonize in the Wildlands faces constant assaults from the creatures and foliage. The Wildlands are littered with failed attempts of civilization trying to control nature.


The last expedition to the Wildlands ended in a catastrophic failure. In the early 100s during the Age of Renewal a Zoologist Franklin Helveth sponsored an expedition to the Wildlands in an attempt to study the denizens. Upon their arrival the first individual they encounter a serpentine spirit that identified itself as Bunzi. It offered the travelers a warning to leave the lands before the lands attempt to get rid of them.   Ignoring Bunzi's advice the team continued their attempted expedition of discovery. They were met by forces that were more than happy to indulge their interest in the denizens of the Wildlands. Harried by the animals and foliage the team attempted to flee towards a cavern system. Within the cavern system the team retreaded back to Aedran unsuccessful in their expidition. Helveth's words fell on deaf ears as other zoologist wanted to prove that they were better than he was.
Plane of Existence


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