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The Fens

"Vines creep across every building. Whispers fill every nook and cranny. Unnatural eyes watch your every move. The Fens is no place for a weak soul. Heed my warning lest the Chaplain comes to your family home."   ~ Unknown Pathfinder


The roads of The Fens have survived the trials of time unscathed. Those who dig past the brush and dirt find dark stone with a rune marking the center of the stone. Stones are only able to be extracted when an anti-magic zone is established prior to the excavation. Stones that have been examined were enchanted with enchantments similar to enchantments places upon Immovable Rods.   Similar runes can be discovered on the bricks used within the ruins, but what those runes purposes are has yet to be determined. The theory is that the runes conduct two functions. Firstly is for the protection of the structure. The theory claims that stone was considered more expensive to repair due to the lack of quarries or mountains in the area. Secondly is that the runes provided magical insulation and temperature regulation of the internal structure. To provide evidence to support this theory arcanist point to the spell Tiny Hut and Magnificent Mansion.


Though the history of The Fens is debatable there is one immutable fact. The powers that made this city had the ability to combine divine and arcane sources of magic flawlessly. Tomes and books from the outlying structures, that have been translated, point to a society that has no roots in dwarven, elven, or even human culture. It's possible that this was a Fey dominated society but the structures are more imposing on nature than standard Fey. Which in itself could indicate a possible sect of WyldFey or other extraplanar beings with similar architecture and magical ability.

Age of War

Founding Date
Age of Renwal: 5 August 112


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