"There are no knights more prestigious than the Syrs. Whilst most knighthoods have multiple knights admitted the Knighthood of the Syrs only has nine knights."   ~ Unknown Clergy Member of the Agnexand Church of the Dawn Marshal


The Syrs are not elected nor are they trained to become one. The Syrs receive a vision during their meditations to head to Agnexand. When they arrive to Agnexand they will receive another vision to head to the Dawn Marshal church or one of the other Syrs will receive a vision to locate the new knight.


The Syrs are committed to ensuring that the different churches that are part of the Council of the Nine maintain their alliance to the Council of the Nine and their mission. Though most do not know what the Syrs do they maintained many relationships between the churches and the populace.


The Syrs are supported directly by the Church of the Dawn Marshal in Agnexand. The other churches will support indirectly or deny any request put through the church if the Syr is not a member of the church.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Syrs do not have a uniform, but they all present themselves in one common way. All of the Syrs wear a tabard of their deity and a holy symbol pinned to the armor.


The Syr is a title not known by most of the populace as they do not express they're part of the knighthood but the common populace also confuse the title Syr with the word sir. Those as part of the Council of the Nine are aware of the existence of the Syrs but do not interact with them directly. Only the heads of the churches interact directly with the Syrs.
Form of Address
Syr, Knight, Sire
Source of Authority
Queen Anna and Agnexand Church of the Dawn Marshal


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