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"As you can see here the Skvader is similar to a hare but there are major differences that can be pointed out. The thigh muscles of this creature have more striations than a normal creature should indicating its monstrous nature. Though not predatory or dangerous they can be territorial."   ~ Unknown Druid

Basic Information


The skvader is similar in physical anatomy to a hare but there are distinct characteristics. Firstly one third of the creatures mass is in the legs alone. This allows for the creature to hop at tremendous speed. The long tail allows for balancing during its escape but it can use it as self defense by whipping it at the face of the aggressor. Small stubbed horns sit atop the head and can be harvested and are used for decoration.

Genetics and Reproduction

Skvader reproduce like any other mammals and the females give birth in a litter of four to six babies.

Growth Rate & Stages

Skvaders will grow to full maturity in eight months.

Civilization and Culture


When the Verdant Jungle exploded into existence it caused an imbalance in the ecosystem of the surrounding area. After a few years the ecosystem returned to a sustainable norm. When the Pathfinders started their exploration of the jungle new species were starting to be discovered and were brought to the Administrative Division for research purposes. When the skvader was presented it was first thought to be a prank but after multiple individuals produced these specimens the Administrative Division took it the specimen seriously.   The meat of the skvader was magical in nature giving unnatural vigor to the consumer. This resulted in the over hunting of the creatures and the attempt to domesticate these creatures. The skvader is now an endangered species with currently no provisions or regulations to ensure the population of this creature isn't hunted into extinction.
Conservation Status


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