Scepter of Oppression

"A symbol of power is nothing if your enemies do not cower at the mere sight of it. If you listen to it closely you can hear the weeping of the souls crushed under this scepter."   ~ Queen Anna


When the Bloody King rose to divinity his crown, blade, and scepter were imbued with a fragment of his divinity. Over time when worthy knights assaulted his domain claiming some of his claimed treasures. One of these treasures was the Scepter of Oppression. Knight Galrond claimed the scepter as his own before returning to Aedran. During his reign as a Duke he utilized the Scepter of Oppression to expand his power. The once small country of Brozia now expanded consuming three other countries under his banner. After his assassination by his squire the scepter was lost.   Centuries passed before the scepter was rediscovered by Knight Anna Catcott. With the scepter in her possession she utilized it to its fullest potential. When she had the opportunity to make an rival look weak she covertly used the scepter to push the encounter in her favor. As she continued her accession the scepter became the center piece of her regalia and weaponry. Word spread about her and this scepter making her a target by some and avoided by most. When she was inaugurated as the Queen of Tov-Ran the presented the scepter to all the spectators. Those weak of will coward at the mere sight of the scepter.


The Scepter of Oppression is one of the three artifacts of the Bloody King. The scepter is more symbolic than an weapon. The scepter is said to bolster the strength of the individual wielding it. It also gives off an aura of oppression that weighs heavy on any who oppose the wielder.
Item type
Unique Artifact
5 lbs


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