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Saber-toothed Tiger

"Here you can see where the anterior trapesins would be located. Based on the size of this skeleton the muscle would weigh approximately ten pounds. Interesting sadly we cannot resurrect this creature. Apparently it died of natural causes. The only specimen we excavated that wasn't killed by a predator or the environment."   ~ Calth Frankenstein

Basic Information


Saber-toothed Tigers were quadrupedal creatures with retractable clawed paws. They had enlarged maxillary canines that would extend from the mouth even when the mouth is closed. They had a foot long tail to maintain balance. They were covered in fur of varied thickness depending on climate.

Genetics and Reproduction

Saber-toothed Tigers would mate during the summer seasons with their cubs being born during the winter months. Litters would average between four to six cubs.

Ecology and Habitats

Skeletons of Saber-toothed Tigers have been discovered in the northern reaches of the Ice Walker's Domain, archeological sites near the Verdant Jungle, and on some islands in the archipelago of Thrul's Seeds.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Saber-toothed Tigers were carnivores and mainly hunted other animals as large as Mammoths to as small as the other feline or canine animals. Saber-toothed tigers are theorized hunted in packs especially for animals of larger size. If the prey was bigger the pack would feed off of the carcass for a number of days till decay started to take affect. Saber-toothed Tigers are therorized to not have been scavangers.

Biological Cycle

Due the stable temperature of the environments that Saber-toothed Tigers are theorized to inhabit during their existence they are theorized to have no need to hibernate. Saber-toothed Tigers that lived in temperate or tropical climates would shed their fur when the temperature increased.


Saber-toothed tigers were theorized to be very territorial. Other Saber-toothed Tigers that intruded into their territory would be attacked by the alpha of the pack.   Packs would be lead by a male and female pair. The male would be the primary protector of the pack whilst the female would primarily hunt.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Saber-toothed Tigers are theorized to have increased night vision.


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