"A bit unconventional, but if you believe it has some potency I do not have any objection to its scientific study. Let Albert know I have awarded you a grant of 1,000 gold pieces for your experiments. I do look forward to your results."   ~ Calth Frankenstein


Material Characteristics

Runor looks like melted candle wax that's dyed black with speckles of red and blue throughout the entirety of it in the correct lighting.

Physical & Chemical Properties

When Runor is handled is feels waxy leaving a residue on anything it touches. After prolonged exposure to oxygen an exothermic reaction will start that last one minuet per gram of Runor. The exothermic reaction can reach temperatures up to 150 Celsius.


Runor is currently used in the production of potions, ointments, or solvents. Studies on Runor are still being conducted at this moment to discover new applications in the field of medicine and engineering.

Origin & Source

Runor is currently extracted from materials that either provide creatures with regenerative properties, exothermic defense, or plants that utilize a natural acid as a deterrent.

Life & Expiration

Runor when stored properly last for an average of five years. After five years the material becomes inert. The inert residue currently has no application in any field.

History & Usage


Runor was discovered by Doctor Nathandal Dragovich on the eighth day of September year 565, Age of Renewal. Whilst conducting experiments on poison dart frog skin he discovered a residue at the end of each of his experiments. Upon further study he discovered this residue has some beneficial applications. When the discovery was presented to his mentor he was awarded a grant to continue his experimentation.


Runor is not discovered in its natural state on Aedran. It must go under alchemical refinement to be properly extracted and purified into a useful state. It them must be stored in a anaerobic environment to maintain its integrity.
Black with Red and Blue Flecks
Boiling / Condensation Point
300 Celsius
Melting / Freezing Point
52 Celsius
Common State


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