"There's nothing worse in this world than politics. It distracts from goals. It deters growth in any direction that the politician doesn't desire. That's if they don't allow their greed to take over either. Never get involved into politics Nathandal."   ~ Calth Frankenstein



Politicians have to be a member of one of the churches that is sponsored by the Council of the Nine. In addition, most usually have a degree in law or other civil discipline.

Career Progression

Most politicians start with minor offices in their church before raising to local prominence. The main goal for most politicians is to achieve a minor seat on the Council of the Nine. Though it is not always achievable as the seats are usually determined by likeability rather than qualifications. That has lead to a lot of civil back stabbing to give themselves one step above the competition.



Politicians main purpose is to govern the citizens of Tov-Ran and spread their religion across the rest of Tov-Ran. Though some fall to their greed and will abuse the system to gain financial and legislative favors throughout the government.

Social Status

All the politicians of the Tov-Ran society are upper middle class or higher on the social structure. When talked about by the poor or the uneducated the feelings are mixed. Those of the same faith of the politician look upon them favorably most of the time whilst and are unfavorable to those of the opposing faith. Those who see a glaring disparity between the income between the classes are angered when they are mentioned.   Those who are part of the political circle are always trying to obtain the upper hand on their rivals.


Politicians make up less than one percent of the population of Tov-Ran. Politicians is not restricted to any race.


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