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"Though these creatures are tiny do not let them fool you. When there's a prank to be had they gain an uncanny increase to their intelligence and strength. Their pranks can be mischievous but they mean no harm. Keep in good spirits and you may just be rewarded."   ~ Unknown Arcanist

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Located anywhere in the Feywilds and Aedran. More common in forest or meadows.

Civilization and Culture

Gender Ideals

Pixies don't conform to any gender roles and expect all Pixies to be expert tricksters.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Pixies see the art of pranks as a sign of problem solving and foresight. The more elaborate the prank the higher the humor found by the prankster and its observers. Children will start with small pranks such as tying a victims shoelaces together or some other minor inconvenience to its victim. Adults and elder Pixie establish a cascade effect with their pranks that can start with tied shoelaces together but will end with the victim face first into a dirty mop water bucket.   Victims that are hostile to the Pixie after the prank are put to a magical sleep, if possible, and the Pixie flees from the scene. If the victim is receptive to the prank and shows humor in it the Pixie rewards the individual in someway. This reward could be as minor as a small trinket from them up to guiding them to their destination safely and keeping an eye out for anything that threatens harm.

Common Taboos

Any prank that causes sever injury to the intended victim is frowned upon if it could have been avoided.   Conflict of any kind.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Most Fey see the Pixies as a minor nuisance at times, but not enough to petition any of the Courts to intervene. Red Caps and Sprites have an antagonistic relationship with the Pixies.
200 years
Average Height
3 in. - 6 in.
Average Weight
1 lbs - 5 lbs


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