Night Walkers

"Darkness is our ally. Silence is our language. We serve our Mistress feeding her souls and blood so she can arise again."   ~ Unknown Nigh Walker

Mythology & Lore

The Night Walkers believe that the moon is the vessel of a long dead goddess Inar. They believe that Inar was one of the goddesses that existed during the Age of Umber before the arrival of the current pantheon of divine. As Inar watched the other divines start to come into the world she was horrified by the sight of them assisting the mortals. Her followers started to abandon her for the other gods reducing her power. On the verge of losing all of her followers she took the desperate measure of consuming her mortal followers essence.   The first drop of blood that touched her lips empowered her beyond anything she could imagine. Soon she started seeking out traitors of her congregation claiming their blood for herself. Teeming with power she assaulted the halfling Goddess of Fertility Berenga. Though she did a substantial amount of damage she wasn't powerful enough to kill the goddess and had to flee. In response to this assault the allies of Berenga were able to trap Inar and sent her to the moon to where none of her followers could never release her or feed her.

Tenets of Faith

The Night Walkers follow three strict tenets. Firstly, they are members of the night like their Goddess. The light holds no comfort or sway for them. Secondly, the are to be silent about their plans. Lastly, their blood and the blood of their foes is only for their Goddess.


As the moon goes through the phases the Night Walkers interpret it as Inar's prison weakening. When the new moon hangs in the sky the members of the Night Walkers will offer their prayers and sacrifices to Inar. The most common sacrifices to Inar is blood willingly given on the altar. When

Darkness, Silence, Blood

Religious, Monastic Order


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