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"The center of Uta'gosh society is high in the sky obscured by the clouds above. Beyond sight lies Nimbus. Rumors say it's a magnificent city gilded with gold and gems. I hope to see it one day."   ~ Unknown Giant


The city is exclusively Giant if you exclude the slave population that are forced to live there.


Nimbus is the center of the absolute monarchy imposed by whomever sits on the throne. The day to day task are delegated to the Othones whom ensures Nimbus is in good order.


Nimbus utilizes Gida Kata as their main source of defense. Aerial patrols are conducted by air elementals and Gida Kata that have the ability to fly. The runes that allow teleportation in and out of Nimbus are changed every new moon.


The Eye of Nimbus not only annotates the artifact that the ruler uses to observe their subjects; it's also the name of the district and where the throne of the ruler is. Very few individuals are allowed within the district.

Guilds and Factions

Nimbus host a few factions within its walls. The largest faction is the Gida Kata. They are the trusted guard of sensitive parts of the city and are the primary defense of Nimbus. The Smoke Seers have a small presence within the walls, but are mainly utilized by the citizens to send messages to family members, gain expedient access to the surface, or interpret dreams.


Since the first ruler of Uta'Gosh, Storm Lord, claimed Nimbus to be the center of the Uta'goshian realm the populace has observed, some by force, this fact.


Nimbus is exclusively visited by select Giant families. Some visit to see the sights while others go there to for business between other Giants that is to sensitive to be done in other locations.


The weather of Nimbus is dependant on the whim of the current ruler.


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