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"Today you have been sworn in as a knight of Mensa. Your duty is to protect the citizens and ensure the survivablity of Tov-Ran. Now rise and take your weapon."   ~ Queen Anna


When an individual has properly trained, and is sponsored by the church, they can become a knight of the city. The leader of the city will perform a ceremony that is more tradition than divine or arcane. The individual kneels in front of the leader and as the oath is spoken the leader presses the weapon to the shoulders of the inductee. At the end of the oath the leader will present the weapon to the new knight.   When the knight is inducted into the knighthood of the city their duties begin to protect the city. The new inductee will start out as a common guard that will patrol the city or the exterior of the city as well. Once the member has enough time in the knighthood their presence will be requested at formal events. Those that conduct themselves excellently will be promoted to a commander position in the city or the church.

Components and tools

A weapon provided by the inductee that they will use in service of the city or the church.


Sometimes a knighting ceremony is a small event only between the leadership of the city and church if it's someone whose not in prominence. If its a royal member of the city it usually is a big affair and can have hundreds of individuals attending. The largest knighting was the knighting of Knight Anna Catcott which was performed after her successful coupe in the city of Vitville that put Duchess Helen in charge. The opposing forces were forced to attend this knighting before they were executed and their bodies offered to the Bloody King in reverence.


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