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Gida Kata

"You my son are our only shot of raising in our clan. The Tithe Taker is almost upon us. Stand strong like the stone under your feet. We have faith in you my son."   ~ Unknown Stone Giant


The Gida Kata are separated into two groups. Venerated and Initiates. Venerated members are individuals that were victorious in unfavorable odd battles, successfully defended Nimbus from infiltration, or another achievement that all but the best would have failed. There are only 30 Venerated Gida Kata at any time. Initiates are the rest of the Gida Kata whom have yet to face odds that would test their mettle.   An informal part of the Gida Kata is the Tithe Taker. The Tithe Taker's main responsibility is to gather the tithes given by each clan for their superiors. Whilst on their journey if they observe a Giant or Giant-kin that displays traits that the Gida Kata would find useful the individual is taken from their clan and sent to Sidir. If the Tithe Taker sees no individuals that meet the criteria for recruitment Sidir sits empty till the next tithe is collected.


The Gida Kata are different than other Giants with regards to their cast system. A Venerated Stone Giant is seen as of higher station than an Initiate Storm Giant. This causes some discontent to new recruits and is a main friction point for the organization. The Gida Kata recruits are taught that their dedication to clan and family ended when the Tithe Taker chose them. They are now dedicated to the continuation of Nimbus and the expansion of Uta'goshian influance.

Public Agenda

The Gida Kata's mission is to defend the populace of Uta'Gosh from foreign invaders, influence, and uprising that the local military forces cannot handle. They also attend events of political significance to ensure peace is not disturbed.
Training Level
Veterancy Level


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