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Ever Glade

"Ever Glade still bares the trees from when Lolth was banished by the other Elven divinity. Petrified trees now home Drow, Demons, and spiders in their hollow trunks. To this day no one knows for certain where it's located in the Underdark and I'm happy about that."   ~ Unknown Scholar


The Drow that occupy the Ever Glade are descendants from some of the first elves to be banished alongside Lolth. Any Drow that come from other parts of the Underdark to live within Ever Glade are made slaves, or killed.


Ever Glade is ruled by Naxie Myrrh, a Drow Priestess favored by Lolth. Her two daughters, Sori and Sana, control the religious and military operations of the city. Any and all creatures are required by law to praise Lolth and no other divinity.


The perimeter of Ever Glade is guarded by spiders and a handful of Drow. The interior of the city is guarded by lesser demons and more skilled Drow soldiers. Areas of interest within the city have a spider matron, elite Drow guards, and greater demons on constant patrol.


The large cavern system that Ever Glade occupies is filled with hollow, petrified trees. The space not occupied by trees is covered with spiderwebs connecting to the walls, trees, or the ground. No light is shone in this dark expanse and all citizens utilize their enhanced night vision to see in the darkness.


When Lolth was cast from Avandor for her transgression against the other Elven divinity her territory was cast into the darkest parts of Aedran. The trees petrified instantly losing all their beauty and the skin of those living in the trees was stained as dark as a starless sky. Confused the denizens screamed for guidance from their Queen. From nothingness Lolth's voice filled her followers minds directing their rage to the surface dwellers and their traitorus kin.
Founding Date
Age of Umber, Year 23
Alternative Name(s)
Forest of Webs
Underground / Vault
Approximately 2,000 Drow, Demons. Approximately 10,000 spiders


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