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"Even though it's a disgusting looking creature we need to treat it with respect. I don't care if you think it's wattle can be a mitten put it down or I'll be having you clean out the specimens berthing. And I think Dr. Frankenstein just acquired new specimens that have a gastrointestinal infection."   ~ Dr. Albert Prescott

Basic Information


Cockatrice have the body of a featherless chicken, a tail with a snake head, and protrusions from the head and down back. A small wattle hangs from the throat of the Cockatrice that holds a powerful paralytic that renders the average humanoid paralyzed with a single bite.

Genetics and Reproduction

Cockatrice lay clutches twice a year with an average of four eggs per clutch. As the eggs mature they become tougher than stone. After six to eight weeks the eggs start to hatch over a one to three day period.

Growth Rate & Stages

Cockatrice's grows to their adult size in 12 weeks after hatching. During their development the wattle starts to develop the paralytic poison at three weeks of age. At 10 weeks the snake headed tail starts to move about on its own.

Ecology and Habitats

Cockatrice are exclusively found in the Verdant Jungle near The Fens. Any discovered outside of the Verdant Jungle are not naturally occuring.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Cockatrice are carnivorous and scavengers. Though they prefer to kill their own food they aren't above scavenging from a bigger creature.


Cockatrice travel in flocks of six to 12. When the Cockatrice comes into contact with intruders in their territory they attempt to expel the intruder before resorting to attacking.

Additional Information


Cockatrice's cannot be domesticated. No amount of magic nor physical training will get past the Cockatrice's natural stubbornness.

Average Intelligence

Cockatrice are very primitive when it comes to their intelligence. They have enough intelligence to preserve themselves but not enough to detect or avoid simple traps.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Cockatrice don't have any extra sensory organs nor do they have above average senses.


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