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"Two different deoxyribonucleic acids in one body sounds atrocious. In most cases it is, but this specimen right here is very unique. If you examine this specimen you can observe that even when the dominant individual is asleep the passive individual maintains heightened senses. It's fascinating. A shame we have to euthanize the specimen to conduct an autopsy."   ~ Calth Frankenstein


Chimerism occurs when a mother is pregnant with twins and one twin is absorbed by the other twin.


Most individuals with Chimerism are asymptomatic for a multitude of reasons. Individuals that do present with Chimerism present with patchwork skin coloration, difference in eye color, extra genitalia of the same or opposite sex, and possible hallucinations if the cells of the passive cells are in the brain.   Individuals that suffer from Chimerism have a small chance to build a symbiotic relationship with their passive cells. The benefits are dependant on the location of the passive cells. A higher concentration in muscular tissue results increased strength and/or endurance; in the brain it can result in increased intelligence and/or the ability to be aware of their surroundings while sleeping just to name a few.


There's no widely available treatment to Chimerism. Those who could afford it, or volunteer for medical experimentation, the doctors of Und can craft a potion that will kill the passive cells.


Individuals diagnosed with Chimerism can live a long fruitful life. Those who have an antagonistic Chimerism can live an average lifespan depending on the location of the passive cells. If the cells are located in vital organs their lifespan is reduced by an average of 15 years.   Individuals with a symbiotic relationship with their passive cells live an average lifespan with the possiblity of it being increased by an average of five years.
Chronic, Congenital
Extremely Rare


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