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Battle of Beauclaire

"We don't talk about Beauclaire. The horrors I saw that people commit to each other is indescribable. I pray that you never have to see what I saw that day."   ~ Unknown Veteran

Historical Significance

In Literature

The Battle of Beauclaire is chronicled in a few different text but the most accurate text is the Chronicles of Tov-Ran Military Conflict 102nd edition. The author annotates that the battle would have been lost if not for certain events and individuals. The Heathens we're scattered and improperly lead during the assault. Though not led by a specific individual the small bands of Heathens were able to push past the defenses easily.   On the Tov-Ran side the individual that was suppose to lead the defense of Beauclaire was Archduke Boucher. Archduke Boucher was alleged committing the bare minimum to defending the city but was routing the Heathens to the area of his political rivals. If the Heathens weren't able to eliminate those he wished dead Archduke Boucher took it into his own hands to commit the deed. Though there's no evidence that can be provided to substantiate these allegations the populace still believe them as true due to the horrid reputation of Boucher.   Quuen Anna, currently Knight Anna Catcott at the time of the conflict, was present in the city for diplomatic purposes. During the siege Knight Catcott took charge of the military by force and started conducting the assaults that pushed the Heathens back. She led the final assault that routed into the Verdant Jungle ensuring that the Heathens were retreating. At the end of the conflict she returned to the city of Beauclaire hailed as a savior of the city. Knight Catcott utilized this victory, and lack of the Archdukes leadership, to start her eventual rise to power.
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