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Aurora Borealis

"Tonight is the night. Where the lights are in the sky at night. It's like a rainbow but at night!"   ~ Unknown Child


The aurora borealis happens at an unpredictable schedule sometimes spanning years between manifestations. When the aurora borealis manifest it appears as blue, green, purple, and red lights in the night sky. The lights travel across the entirety of the night sky and ripples like waves. During the day the lights are still present but hard to see for the average humanoid.   During the aurora the Tuv people use this time to celebrate the thinning of the veil between life and death. The Tuv take this time to go to the cairns of their families and the clan elders to give them honors and replenish their coffers to use in the afterlife. As the aurora ends the lights dim till a single light remains the Tuv gather around the communal bondfire. The Elder leads a prayer that last until the light fades and carries their wishes to Tulla. In the interim between each aurora manifestation the Tuv believe that this is the time that their ancestors want for nothing and live peacefully in Tulla's domain.   Arcanist will utilize the energies that the aurora gives off to assist in their rituals. The aurora emits a steady amount of energy that if manifested properly can enhance divination and conjuration magic. Arcanist believe that the aurora is a residual manifestation of Ioun's flight across Aedran during the Age of War during her conflict with Belial. Arcanist attempt to capture the power of the aurora in unattuned Ioun Stones. It is uncertain that if the Ioun Stones can absorb the aurora energy, and any that have tried do not share the information.


Aurora Borealis are commonly seen in the Ice Walker's Domain to the north of the Hinterlands.


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