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"Arcetians are a very interesting people both culturally and physically. Female Arcetians average a higher hemoglobin than most mortal races with comparative physiques. This is in part to their ancestral habitation of the mountains in Arcet. Now please make the first incision so we can examine pectoralis major."   ~ Dr. Albert Prescott


Historical figures

King Fredrick George the First is seen as a traitor to the current populace of the Arcetians. The Kings actions resulted in the forced labor of the peasant population to mine the Adamantine that was prevalent in the mountains of Arcet. The royal family, and the owners of the mines benefited from commerce but very little of that coin trickled down to the individuals that did the mining.   Years of laws and regulation ingrained the current rule of the George line and protected the families that supported the line. During the rule of King Fredrick George the Third he was usurped by his advisor resulting in the Arcetian Civil War. After successfully overthrowing the George Line the Raven King, real name lost to the annals of history, declared war on the Nyxian Alliance and any who benefited from the oppression of the Arcetians.   During the war the Arcetians that didn't want to be involved in the conflict fled from Arcet and settled across Safel in attempts to hide. After the first death of the Raven King, and the destruction of Arcet, the surviving citizens of Arcet were punished for the transgression of the Raven King. Those that were discovered to be Arcetian were branded with the mark of a broken raven on the back of their hands. These individuals were cast to the ghettos of the cities or exiled to live among the wilds. Those that lived in the city were forced into low paying jobs with very little regards to their safety.   To this day Arcetians are still seen as second rate citizens, but with the revitalization of Arcet most are fleeing back to their home country to join the rebel forces.


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