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Hey you! Yes, you! Looking for some inspiration, aren't you? Well you're in luck then, because you've come to the right place! Look no further than where you are, your wonder-full planet.
by pxfuel

The difference between fictional worldbuilding and real life is that us authors must make our world believable. Nature isn't bound to such banalities. No worldbuilder, however crazy they are, could come up with a world so complex, intricate and diverse. And in that aspect, it is the ultimate source of inspiration.


Discover oddities of our world, natural phenomenons you'd never imagine in a wizardly world and seemingly supernatural critters. Learn how they work in depth, and gather tips and tricks to include them in your own creation. This world is aimed to be used at both an inspiration for worlduilding and a resource of the most bizarre elements of our planet.

by pxfuel

Whether you are writing fantasy, modern fiction or science fiction, everyone can find their fill here, and adapt the concept presented here as they see fit.


Most assets used aren't mine and belongs to their respectful, credited owners. The guidelines and advices are to be used and changed freely. If you ever integrate any of what I present here in your worlds, do notify me and I'll gladly add your article as examples.


To begin with, why not read the pilot article and tell me how you liked it?

Catatumbo Lightning, the Everlasting Storm
Geographic Location | Jun 25, 2022

Imagine a thunderstorm raging all night long over your head. Imagine a lake highlighted by thousands of strokes of lightning. Now know that it is not imaginary. And that's in Venezuela, but could be in your world too!