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Kruphix, God of Horizons (Kruu-Fix)

"Kruphix bears his followers with the heaviest burdens and the worst curses of all the gods; that of knowing."

The god of knowing all things.

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Kruphix is the eldest god together with Klothys. The enigmatic god has dominion over the potential, the distant, and the unseen. Thus, he is seen as an oracle of dreams. He also governs navigation, mystery, and the cycles of time and is the keeper of mysteries that no other are meant to learn. The reclusive Kruphix speaks rarely and counts few worshipers. He often takes no real form but appears only as a Nyx-filled space in the sky. He is the unknown, the unknowable, and what sits beyond the far horizon.   Many prophetic dreams are attributed to Kruphix. They can come to anyone at any time and are mysteries in of themselves. He is neither a just, nor malicious god and cares little for squandering and personal dramas amongst the gods or mortals alike. He only cares about what is true, and what has yet to be seen. He is also incredibly powerful, once calling the "Silence" where all the Gods were forced to not interfere temporarily in mortal affairs until they could sort out issues in Nyx.

Kruphix, God of Horizons by Daarken



The Birth of the Gods

Mortals have short memories and do not remember the true nature of the Gods. It is believed that gods predate mortals, but Kruphix understands it as the opposite. The first time a mortal looked up into the night sky and said, "I wonder..." some part of Kruphix came into existence. He watched as the others took shape. Death came next, then the sun and sea, forest and forge. More abstract domains emerged -- warfare, deception, insight, and love. He even remembers that at one point, Heliod was not the Sun God. For indeed many other gods have existed and vanished throughout the history of mortals.


At one point in Ravnica's history, a new god was born. Xenagos was a Satyr who understood that the Gods' power stemmed from the devotion of their followers, and that gaining devoted followers he could manage to ascend to godhood. Xenagos accomplished what he had desired as he convinced an astoundingly large following that he was a god, and so he ascended into Nyx. This caused massive amounts of chaos and confusion among the pantheon, forcing Kruphix to call upon the Silence, forcing the gods to be cut off from the mortal realm until matters in Nyx could be resolved. Xenagos was later killed by Heliod's former champion, and order was eventually restored.

The Aftermath

Kuphix came to realize that Xenagos wished to show everyone that the Gods were a lie, to bring down the foundations of Nyx. Xenagos suspects, however, that mortals would have learned to worship Xenagos, and forgotten his mortal origins. They would have never come to believe that he had always been there, waiting for their veneration. In the end, Xenagos threatened nothing. This event caused Kruphix to learn the deeper understanding of the world and to seek out what lies beyond it. He has come with the knowledge that there is far more to the universe than he previously understood, and for once in his existence, Kruphix feared.

"Kruphix is a beacon of light, guiding us on our journey through life and illuminating the path to wisdom and understanding."

Worshiped by

Simic Combine

Mana Alignment

Holy Weapon

A book of sacred texts and teachings.  

Divine Symbol

Infinity (Horizon Stone)  

Sacred Animal


Religious Colors

Purple, Blue, Red  


Potential, Oracles, Dreams, Navigation, Mystery, Cycles, Time, Knowledge  

Professional Skills

Skills that Priests may teach at major temples and gatherings
Devotion, Exhort, Teaching


Clerics of Kruphix are given access to the powers he offers. Some miracles are restricted to more trusted or higher ranking members of this religion. (WIP)


True worshipers of Kruphix follow his commandments carefully, with those who ignore or are ignorant of such laws may find themselves praying to deaf ears, or worse.

  • Seek knowledge and understanding at all times.
  • Respect the truth, even if it is difficult or unpopular.
  • Share your knowledge freely, but do not force it upon others.
  • Embrace the cycles of life and time, and do not resist change.
  • Trust your intuition, dreams, and oracles, but also seek to understand the message they contain.


Examples of offerings one could give to Kruphix.
  • Books, scrolls, or other written materials symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Symbols of navigation or maps, representing the desire to explore and understand the world.
  • Offerings of time, such as devoting a portion of each day to learning or studying.
  • Offerings of material wealth or resources, such as gold, silver, or precious gems, symbolizing the value of knowledge and wisdom.
  • Incense or other aromatic offerings, symbolizing the purification of the mind and the release of negative thoughts.

The Knowledge Festival

Every three months on the third week, for an entire week, the citizens of Ravnica gather in town squares and vast alleys to host what is known as the Knowledge Festival, or Wisdom Celebration. Lectures from many esteemed teachers are given out for free to vast crowds, formal and informal debates are had in public squares, workshops are demonstrated, libraries host book fairs, and inventions from the Izzet League are put on display.   The more religious people use this holiday to celebrate the name of Kruphix by transcribing knowledge from old materials, partaking in expeditions to recover lost knowledge in the Undercity, and to share their knowledge with the world.

Planar Encounters

Kruphix is reclusive and is very rarely seen by anyone except for his Oracle. In the cases where he is seen, he most often appears in dreams as a nyx-filled void along with often cryptic messages and imagery. He may also leave behind clues, mysteries, and prophecies about mortals in places where they would never look to find them or care to read them. Kruphix has been described as a four-armed silhouette of the night sky. He always appears on the horizon and will choose to approach at his discretion. His sacred animal is a chimera, not a specific chimera, but all of them. The closest most people will ever get to speaking with Kruphix, is through his Oracle in which he has a direct connection with.

Enigmatic Incarnation by PINDRUSKI

One of many types of Chimera Kruphix may send.

Temples and Shrines

Only minor shrines are found on Ravnica. These shrines usually double as libraries and places of study for anyone wishing to learn. While every temple as an assortment of literature to read from, many temples specialize in their catalogues depending on where they are located. A temple in the Undercity may have more to learn about fungus and the old world than a temple in Precinct Four, which would contain more knowledge about engineering and alchemical studies.

Kruphix's true temple is not located on the mortal plane. Instead it is located in Nyx between two great trees that stand sentry at the ends of the earth atop an endless waterfall. Eternal twilight graces the temple in this forbidden domain of the Gods. It is only through Kruphix that any mortal is allowed visitation, quite literally as one must travel through Kruphix's starry four-armed outline to reach his domain. Once there, one would find his modest marble temple at the edge of a waterfall.

His temple is housed by a handful of acolytes that serve Kruphix's Oracle. They bring the Oracle food and water, maintain the temple, and keep the Oracle company through conversation and debate. The temple houses an infinite library of all works of literature, some thought to be lost or destroyed through time. One could spend a lifetime learning on this Temple, and many have. To be invited to the temple is a high honor and privilege, one that is rarely issued to those outside of his cult.


Kruphix finds himself truly neutral to the other Gods. He doesn't often interact with them, and they don't seek his audience. Some of the Gods can find themselves weary of Kruphix, for he only demonstrated some of his power during the Silence for which no other God could undo. To them, Kruphix is more of an outcast, lost in his own studies and wanderlust. There would no issues for clerics to devote faith to Kruphix and any other god.


One will usually find at least one cleric of Kruphix in a library or place of learning. Outside of these establishments are fewer still, as clerics are often seen as hermits, solitary and passive. They appear more interested in their books than the strife of the Guilds and what goes on around them. Many clerics are considered teachers, philosophers, and students. Pacifism is usually the norm, but it is not enforced. There are still some that choose to join the cult to seek out power, whatever that may entail. Kruphix has no strong opinion on what those do with his power and knowledge.

Lay Members

Lay members are those who only recently joined the religion. They are usually found conducting menial labor at shrines like cleaning and cataloguing new information that comes in. Some are instructed to acquire works of knowledge from other campuses and shrines for the higher ranking members. The majority of members fall into this category; casual practitioners or worshipers who follow doctrine, and attend regular meetings and ceremonies, depending on its nature.


Initiates are given a fraction of Kruphix's power after demonstrating their dedication to the god and the community, usually by remaining as a Lay Member for a period of at least a month as a Lay Member. Initiates are expected to study sacred texts and teachings related to the religion and its wisdom. They are to engage in philosophical or spiritual discussions and debates to deepen their understanding. Practice meditation and participate in religious ceremonies and rituals to honor Kruphix and to continuously seek out new sources of knowledge and constantly strive to expand their understanding of the world and universe.

Ultimately, the duties of an initiate would be designed to help them cultivate a deeper connection to the deity of knowledge, increase their own knowledge and wisdom, and bring them closer to enlightenment or spiritual fulfillment. An Initiate must begin learning the Teach Professional Skill.  


Acolytes have more responsibilities and are given more shares of Kruphix's power. Acolytes usually achieve this rank within the religion by staying true to their duties for a number of months or years as an Initiate, or by special recommendation by a higher ranking member. Special recommendation is usually achieved by proving ones worthiness through a particular challenges, such as winning debates against higher ranking members or discovering lost knowledge. A member must have a Teach skill of at least 40% and a Devotion skill of at least 50% as an Initiate before they can become an Acolyte.

Acolytes are expected to assist with religious ceremonies, study and master the teachings of sacred texts and help provide guidance and instruction to Initiates and Lay Members. They are to continue to participate in philosophical and spiritual discussions, assist the Priests and High Priests with tasks, and represent the deity and religion in the community through acts of service or other forms of outreach.

Acolytes may requisition equipment and material necessary for religious business. They can also recruit lower ranking members to provide any necessary support. In addition, they are paid a stipend and are provided access to special chambers within temples and libraries that contain more useful information.


Priests of Kruphix have more important responsibilities and are given a larger sum of Kruphix's powers. Members are only given this rank by special recommendation from a High Priest. Acolytes must demonstrate a great worthiness to the religion to be considered for this position. Unmatched enthusiasm for the betterment of the religion and knowledge are obligatory. A High Priest may consider a recommendation from performing great acts of sacrifice for the religion, demonstrations of exceptional leadership skills, significant contributions to the temples and libraries, or offerings of deeply insightful or original philosophical insights and literature that deepen the community's well being and understanding. Acolytes must have a Teach skill of at least 60% and a Devotion skill of at least 80% before they can become a Priest.

Priests are the leaders of the religion that head the ceremonies and rituals. They are expected to guide the members and to provide their knowledge and counseling to members of their religion and community. They are interpreters of ancients texts and the teachers for others to follow in their footsteps. They wholly represent Kruphix and the religion in the wider community through acts of service or other forms of outreach. Priests are the administrators of the temples, shrines, and libraries which include overseeing the work of lower ranking members. They are called upon to resolve disputes or to make decisions regarding the organization and administration of the the religion's interest.

Priests may ask for any of the resources available from their branch of the religion. They can also recruit any or all lower ranked members of their community to provide support for their needs. However, unless these resources are used to further the religion as a whole, abuse of this power can lead to excommunication or demotion. They are paid a high wage and given their own living quarters and personal libraries.  

High Priests

High Priests of Kruphix are the highest ranking members and are given some of the most powerful spells that Kruphix has to offer. They have a significant amount of responsibility and authority. Members are only given this rank by a majority vote of the current High Priests, and a final say from the Oracle. On top of all the responsibilities of being a Priest, to be considered a position of High Priest requires incredible acts of the member to perform. Discovering groundbreaking and lost information from the past, unmatched debate skills, an act of great sacrifice or selflessness, providing breakthroughs of knowledge for the betterment of the world, or providing a momentous contribution to the religion as a whole are just some of the deeds that one could make to be considered for the position. Priests must have a Teach skill of at least 80%, and a Devotion skill of at least 100%.

High Priests are considered the ultimate authority within the religion. They oversee all the development of the creed, and manage every ceremony and ritual. They play a central role in shaping the face and practices of the community and ensure the continued growth and well-being of the religion and its members. They decide on the construction of new temples and libraries, manage the religion's memberships and resources, and do the bidding of Kruphix himself. They are considered the wisest and most respected members of the guild and must act as such.

HJigh Priests have complete and total control of all the resources the religion has to offer. They are paid the most, and are often given their own temple or library to manage.  

The Oracle of Kruphix

The Oracle of Kruphix is an exclusive position only to one. The current Oracle is a Human named Kydele. The Oracle is the voice of Kruphix, a beacon of wisdom and knowledge that is unparalleled throughout the world. Many envy her position as Oracle, though some believe it to be a burden of knowledge. It is completely unknown how one is chosen to become the Oracle, as Kruphix's methods are far beyond what any one person can predict. It may even be that Kruphix himself doesn't quite know why he chooses one to be his Oracle.

The Oracle gains the absolute height of Kruphix's offerings. Incredible power and knowledge are bestowed upon the Oracle. The Oracle is even able to see glimpses into the future, a power that many seek to use but few are given insight into. The Oracle has a direct line of communication to Kruphix, and can ask him anything and receive an answer.The responsibilities of the Oracle are unknown, but some believe that to be up to the Oracle themself.  

Prophet of Kruphix by Winona Nelson

Kydele, Kruphix's Oracle
“Time is fluid as a dance, and truth as fleeting."
— Kydele


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