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Izzet League

The Magewrights

The Izzet mages weren't hard to find. After a couple of days of observation, }ace heard an explosion and saw a startled flight of birds from across the district. The plume of blue smoke was a telltale sign of one oft he Izzet's pyrotechnic experiments. Jace tracked the source of the blast and spied two mages, a human and a goblin, outfitted with alchemical gadgetry and mizzium gauntlets. They emerged from a disused tunnel. leaving behind charred bricks and a haze of smoke, and their instruments crackled with energy. From what Jace had gathered, this was the lzzet style of research: keep adding energy until something blows up, then observe the results.

Obsessive, keen, and creative intellectuals.



The Izzet are obsessive experimenters, the epitome of a keen creative intellect combined with an unfortunately short attention span. The original mandate of the Izzet guild was to provide solutions for public works projects (sewers, boilers, roadways), but their experiments often produce mana geysers, spatial rifts, or arcane portals instead. As of late, their guild leader, Niv-Mizzet, has driven the Izzet to delve deeper and deeper into more dangerous and experimental magic. The purpose of these experiments is unknown.


Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind, is the original parun of the Izzet League. He's a 15,000-year-old, vain, temperamental, and super-intelligent dragon. Niv-Mizzet has always been known for his unpredictability, vanity, and fiery temper, and these traits have only become more intense. Niv-Mizzet rarely stoops to concern himself with the day-to-day running of the guild, preferring to craft long-range plans and let his underlings implement the details. The brilliant of Ravnica flock to Niv-Mizzet, the most intelligent being on Ravnica. Powerful enough to live to tell the tale of his fight against the nephilim and capable of seizing control of the city and plane of Ravnica, Niv-Mizzet is content with not taking over Ravnica, in large part due to his fickleness and odium for monotony, as ruling and running Ravnica would become tedious. Although varieties of dragon-kin, such as drakes, wyverns, and wurms, are present in Ravnica, Niv-Mizzet is said to be the last true dragon. As would be reasonably expected of him due to his vanity, Niv-Mizzet has numerous lesser clones of himself; other than as his underlings, the full purpose of these dragon clones, however, remains unknown.


The servants of Niv-Mizzet who make up his personal court are referred to as the Izmundi. Niv-Mizzet uses this court to guide his machinations and to keep him abreast of the happenings in the wider world. The Izmagnus are the most powerful members of the Izmundi court, which typically has five to seven members (some members are kept secret). Even members of the Izmagnus are not privy to Niv-Mizzet's highest-level plans and goals.


"Don't just have an idea--have all of them."
— Niv-Mizzet

Izzet League's Agenda

As Ravnica descends into increasing turmoil, the lzzet have further intensified their frenetic research, though now their efforts are mainly directed toward one outcome: the development of super-weapons. The suspicion that festers in the mind of the Izzet guildmaster, the ancient dragon Niv-Mizzet, urges him to push his guild's research toward increasingly dangerous and volatile experimentation. For the rest of the guild members, the search for bigger and better weapons is mainly an opportunity to engage in all sorts of wild research while abandoning all outward pretense of safety or reason.  


When asked how much power is required, Izzet mages always answer "more."



Nivix, also known as the "Aerie of the Firemind," is the home of Niv-Mizzet and the central guildhall of the Izzet. Nivix is a massive tower, one of the tallest in Ravnica. Every level houses Izzet alchemists, mages, and sages who are constantly theorizing, experimenting, and tossing miscalculated experiments across rooms. The very top of the tower is the aerie of Niv-Mizzet himself. Every Izzet who lives and works in Nivix has been hand chosen by Niv-Mizzet. Although none of the experimentations in Nivix seem connected, the great dragon treats them all as if they were part of one grand experiment.  


The Blistercoils appear to be a series of gigantic water wheels, which many assume are used to generate power in some way. In actuality, the interior structure of these wheels are actually made up of mizzium coils that generate copious, and volatile, amounts of mana. The Blistercoils is a recently constructed structure; its purpose (beyond generating dangerous amounts of mana) is unknown.  


The Boilerpits are a series of underground passageways formed by intertwined high-pressure metal pipelines. This twisted maze is so labyrinthine that very few besides the heat-hardy steam goblins can actually navigate them. The Izzet have been criticized in the past for using these tunnels to perform grand (and quite risky) experiments.  


The Mizzium Foundry is the only place on Ravnica where the mizzium alloy is smelted. Mizzium is used for many Izzet inventions, and the foundry is protected by the savage flamethrower-wielding viashino. The heat within the foundry is stifling to most other races, but the viashino feel quite at home in this hot and humid environment.

An Izzet Guildgate


Most lzzet recruits begin their careers as attendants. In the service of a more powerful mage, a crew of up to forty attendants engages in tasks such as recording and organizing information (sometimes under dangerous circumstances), acquiring rare items or elements (usually under dangerous circumstances), or completing experiments (always under dangerous circumstances).  


An Izzet insignia, one set of artisian's tools, the charred and twisted remains of a failed experiment, a hammer, a block and tackle, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 500 silver.  


The popular conception of the Izzet League is based on mad inventions, dangerous experiments, and explosive blasts. Much of that perception is accurate, but the league is also involved with mundane tasks of construction and architecture- primarily in crafting the infrastructure that allows Ravnicans to enjoy running water, levitating platforms, and other magical and technological wonders. You have a basic knowledge of the structure of buildings, including the stuff behind the walls. You can also find blueprints of a specific building in order to learn the details of its construction. Such blueprints might provide knowledge of entry points, structural weaknesses, or secret spaces. Your access to such information isn't unlimited. If obtaining or using the information gets you in trouble with the law, the guild can't shield you from the repercussions.  



When you have advanced the guild's interests and survived a few magical experiments, you graduate into a position where you can conduct experiments yourself. Only a spellcaster can craft and operate the laboratory equipment involved in lzzet experiments. As a researcher, you can request equipment for use in your experiments and during adventures. You can secure the aid of ld4 barely competent attendants to assist you. When you achieve this rank, you can help create your own mizzium apparatus. To do so, you must spend 10 days of downtime in an Izzet workshop, assisting a more experienced researcher in the construction of the device. The apparatus is given to you at the end of this time. If your apparatus is lost or destroyed, you can create a replacement by spending 50 gp and another 10 days of downtime.


Scorchbringers are soldiers assigned to protect lzzet laboratories. As a scorchbringer, you are given a pyroconverger and are expected touse it in the defense of lzzet property. If your pyroconverger is lost or destroyed, you can get a replacement for 50 gp.


Whether you're an accomplished researcher, a committed soldier, or even a dedicated (and skilled) attendant, you are eligible for promotion to a supervisor position. As a supervisor, you oversee your former peers. Your role is primarily to translate the instructions of the director above you into concrete tasks that the people who report to you can accomplish. Ifyour director sends you on a mission outside the laboratory, you receive an Izzet charm at the start of that mission. As a supervisor, you earn a salary sufficient to maintain a modest lifestyle.


Not every researcher chooses to advance through the ranks of management to become a supervisor. As an independent researcher, you can use the resources of your laboratory to conduct any kind of experiment. Assisting you in your research are 2d6 competent attendants. In addition, you can create your own Izzet charm, given 5 days of work and access to your laboratory. When you do so, any other charms you have created vanish.


You oversee a laboratory and all its personnel. In addition, as a director,you are eligible to join the Izmundi, the Izzet board of directors, as a representative of your laboratory. You must have the approval of Niv-Mizzet, and a position on this board usually becomes available only if a vacancy opens up. If you assemble your own laboratory, you can be added to the board as an additional member. It's up to the Izmundi to assemble the correct team to carry out the guildmaster's directives. The Izmundi decides which laboratory should have primary responsibility for any given project, and the director of that laboratory is responsible for assigning people to the team. Within the bounds of Niv-Mizzet's directives, you have wide latitude in directing the activities of your laboratory. That means you can steer the researchers of your laboratory toward the creation of particular items or effects. Between adventures, you can maintain yourself at a comfortable lifestyle as a member of the Izmundi.


As one of the most famous members of the guild, you are eligible to join the ranks of the Izmagnus. The decision to include you on this board is solely Niv-Mizzet's. The number of members on the board isn't fixed, so you don't need to wait for a vacancy. As a member of the Izmagnus, you have the ear of the dragon guild master. You can never be fully aware of the scope of his plans, but you know more about them than anyone aside from the other members of the board. The guildmaster listens to your opinion, even though you're not an ancient dragon with thousands of years of accumulated knowledge and wisdom. Ultimately, Niv-Mizzet tells you what to do- and you (along with your peers) tell the rest of the guild how to do it. As a member of the Izmagnus, you can maintain your self at a wealthy lifestyle between adventures.

Izzet Gob

An Izzet inventor


What the guild offers its more loyal and trusted members. Upon reaching that status, members may be given one of the following gifts.

Jump-start Canister

The Jump-start Canister is a very special and rare device invented by the Izzet and reserved only for the those who are deemed worthy of carrying such an item. It is an upgraded Mizzium Apparatus and the item is fitted with leather straps, flexible tubing, glass cylinders, and plates that is typically worn on the back. It weight 12 pounds. While activated, the canister extracts the essence of any spells cast within a 50 foot radius of the wearer and stores it. The canister can store any number of spells, but the spells typically evaporate within 24 hours of extraction. Whenever the wearer chooses, they can unleash any spell stored within the device at the expense of their own mana. Once a spell is cast in this way, it is released from the canister and cannot be cast again.  


Overload gives you access to learn how, or have a member who already knows how, to Overload your equipment with enchantments. Normally an item is limited to one spell that it can be enchanted with, but Overloading bypasses the restriction and can have the user add on any number of enchantments to their item. Overloading also bypasses the permanent mana loss of enchanting, but requires the same costs of normal enchanting if required, such as indigence, money, or EXP. Enchanting items past the normal limit of one comes at the risk of possible backfire, or at worst catastrophic explosions. Having multiple items attuned to oneself that are Overloaded also comes with risks of conflicting magical energies coming into contact with one another. Use at your own peril.  

A Favor

Niv-Mizzet will personally owe you 1 (one) favor. Do not test his patience with the mundane.  


Rules that members must adhere to.

Species and Races

Species and races typically associated with the Selesnya Combine include:

Foreign Relations

Azorius Senate

"The Azorius create regulations for everything, including freedom. What dull, shackled lives they lead."

Cult of Rakdos

"Steer clear ofthese senseless riot-fiends. Their enthusiasm is best appreciated from a distance."

Gruul Clans

"They're even better at wrecking our laboratories than we are!"

House Dimir

"The less we see ofthe Dimir, the more we know they are monitoring us."

Orzhov Syndicate

"Progress means taking risks. But when you gamble with the Orzhov, you always wager more than coin."

Selesnya Conclave

"These zealots run with beasts and worship figments of the past. They would be wiser to embrace the wonders of the future."

Golgari Swarm

"They keep to themselves and clean up our messes. As long as they stay out of sight, it's hard to view them as a threat."

Boros Legion

"All too often when we're on the verge of setting off a little explosion or a spell that tears a hole in reality, the Boros show up to spoil the fun."

Simic Combine

"The Simic are inventive, but their creations are bereft of soul and fire. They tinker with life but lack the inspiration to breathe true spirit into their inventions."

"The Izzet signet is redesigned often, each time becoming closer to a vanity portrait of Niv-Mizzet."

Guild, Craftsmen
Notable Members


Skills held important by the organization which it both teaches and may require as part of the promotion process.

Standard Skills

Conceal, Deceit, Endurance, Evade, First Aid, Influence, Perception

Professional Skills

Craft (Explosives), Craft (Alchemy), Engineering, Literacy, Lore (Niv-Mizzet) Mechanisms, Teach

Combat Styles

Combat Style Firearms
Combat Style Explosives
Combat Style Experimental Weapons  

Izzet Caster

An Izzet mage.


Magic related to, or often times exclusive to a particular guild which can be taught to members for a small fee. Not all spells are available right away, many might be reserved for more skilled, loyal, and/or trusted members.  

Folk Magic

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Myst 1 Show Spoiler

Myst2 Show Spoiler

Myst3 Show Spoiler


School1 Show Spoiler

School2 Show Spoiler

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Purphoros, God of the Forge

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Keranos, God of Storms

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Kefnet, God of Knowledge

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Cure Malady
Cure Sense
Dismiss Magic
Heal Mind
Heal Wound
Lay to Rest

Izzet Guy

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