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Augustin IV

Blind and physically frail, Augustin IV sits on a floating bench that carries him to his desired destinations. As Grand Arbiter he is protected by a soulsworn jury (spirits that swore to protect him "in life as in death"). He presides over the most important legal cases in Ravnica. When such cases were not in session, he moves from courtroom to courtroom, settling disputes among other judges. Unlike many in the Azorius Senate who pride themselves on their verbosity, he is known for his brief but eloquent speech, as well as his strong personal authority.   Augustin personally intervented in the party's emergency bail hearing, leading to their release. His motives for doing so are unknown.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Grand Arbiter
Year of Birth
9900 ZC 99 Years old
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Azorius Senate

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