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Azorius Senate

Bringing order from chaos - that is the mission of the Azorius Senate. Without the extensive legal code crafted and enforced by the Azorius, society would crumble, transforming Ravnica into a field of rubble where the Gruul and the Rakdos do whatever they please. The Azorius carry this weighty responsibility with stoic pride, and they perform their work of legislation, investigation, and enforcement with steely determination.   The first guildmaster of the Azorius Senate was a sphinx named Azor. He was the author of the original Guildpact. The Azorius Senate is meant to carry on his legacy by serving as the legislative body of Ravnica.   The Azorius Senate is supported by three branches: the Jelenn Column, the Lyev Column, and the Sova Column. Each is led by an arbiter (also called a capital). The capitals of the three columns form the Triumvirate, which advises the guildmaster, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV.   The Azorius Senate’s ultimate goal is the perfection of society. They want to protect the people of Ravnica and foster a community of peace and harmony. A society’s values, they contend, are reflected in the laws it creates. Something is good if it is lawful. To the Azorius, the highest virtue is a society built on stability and order, and the guild’s elaborate system of laws is structured to prevent wrongdoing first and foremost, even at the expense of certain liberties. The Azorius can act as a benevolent proactive force that keeps evildoers in check, but it can also act as an oppressive bureaucratic force that stifles freedom and expression.   The Azorius guild embraces the belief that Ravnican society has come too far to succumb to chaos. Civilization can be saved only through the guidance of a strong, safety-focused government. In the mind of the Azorius, the threat of chaos is imminent. They believe it is time to face facts and do whatever is necessary to protect the people and preserve the force of law.   The Azorius, as always, see agents of disorder as their greatest enemies. They have cracked down on the Gruul Clans and imposed a variety of creatively written laws outlawing that guild’s presence in as many public places as possible. The Azorius also abhor the satirical shows of the Rakdos (in part because the Azorius are frequently ridiculed by Rakdos performers) and attempt to curb them with new decrees about public performances. In response to attempts by other guilds to edge their way around the system, the Azorius routinely create new laws to support or countermand old ones.

Political, Faction / Party
Augustin IV

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