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"You could say Lerwick has the most beautiful and the most ugly sights both in one city. Well of course you know that humans can be kind of capitalistic, so I think you have an idea of what I mean. The noble district is beautiful, you can clearly see what they have accomplished. The slumps though, they are large and their boundaries even touch the forests at some places. Lots of trouble there; disappearing people, houses smashed by trees. It's not a quiet city by all means."
  Lerwick is the capital of the kingdom of Lerwick and might be the second-most important city for trade after Vy'shuk within the empire. It is the place where trading goods can be transferred from trading vessels onto land transport. It is also where the Sangis river that springs in Farendil, flows into the sea. The city has a clear division in status between its inhabitants. There are 3 districts; the noble district in the center, the commerce district along the coastline and the commoners district that surrounds the city and borders the forests.

Marlow is a much smaller city that has been able to stay in existence despite the rise of the forests. This is because of a artifact that is stored there, which disables all magic in a large radius. The protection against the forests has been extended in some way to Lerwick, which makes the use of magic impossible in Lerwick as well.



Sobering Sparrow

Located in the noble district, this inn has acquired a high status as the place that has the best wines. They receive lots of different shipments of wine from the Me'reh Trading Company that get their wines all across the continents.  


The Covortons

Devan Covorton, his wife Avane Covorton and their children Enrique and Elisabeth (Lizzy) have just moved to Lerwick from Farendil.

Owning Organization
The Fenorian Empire

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