Antonio Reinoso

Grand Admiral

Grand Admiral Reinoso (a.k.a. The Swift Sail)


The previous Marshal of Shardholm and a hero of the disastrous Storm of Shadiym. Appointed in the 67th year of fall, Grand Admiral Reinoso saw the construction of countless ships, the development of the celebrated Shardholm Wave Break, and secured the southern coastline from Merfolk raiders. Known as the Swift Sail, Reinoso commanded one of the fastest ships in the Blacksea and oversaw vast naval advancements that secured Shardholm's waters and its maritime superiority. He met his doom twenty miles off the coast when Shadiym's sudden appearance above the western peninsula caused a horrendous torrent of rain, wind, and waves that sunk over half the Royal Armada. If not for the detailed signaling system made standard aboard all ships by the Grand Admiral, Shardholm would have surely lost all of its warships to the disaster. His vessel, The Swift Wind, was lost with all hands somewhere off the Shardland coast. Remnants of the Shardholm Navy have offered a hefty reward for any information that may lead to the discovery of the ship's final resting place or the recovery of its mysterious cargo.
By all the Nine ...we are all dead... Mr. Remirez to the helm! Swing us about and lash it tight! Reef the mainsail, trim the jib, and heave-to men! Mr. Haulls signal the fleet, all ships to the wave break! This accursed Leviathan seeks to sink us all!... Damn the gods, brace men! Brace! It's too late, the blasted wave is here!
— Grand Admiral Reinoso, Moments Before Death
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General Information

Previously Held Ranks & Titles
9035 9078 43 years old
Circumstances of Death
Perished in the Storm of Shadiym.
Presented Sex
Forest Green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned, Leathery
160 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Discovering The Swift Wind wreckage is required to know this secret.
Exploring The Swift Wind wreckage is required to know this secret.

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3 Aug, 2020 10:06

I really like that he was responsible for a lot of good things before his death. It's a shame the signalling system couldn't save him and his men. :(

4 Aug, 2020 09:43

Greetings Realmhopper,

When the dreaded Shadiym appeared above the Shorebreak Mausoleum without warning or cause and shattered the peninsula it stood upon, The Swift Wind was a scant few miles off its coast. The shockwave that followed Shadiym's wrath rose a mighty wave almost twice as tall as The Swift Wind's tallest masthead. Though his ship's demise was all but assured, Grand Admiral Reinoso's dedication to Shardholm shone brightly as he ensured the survival of dozens of vessels and hundreds of brave sailors at the cost of his own. He is remembered today in an ornate iron statue that stands in the central chamber of the Naval High Command building.

Warm Regards,

Elias Dods

--First Chronicler & Professor of Divination Studies.

Coauthor of Ravare.
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