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To insure their presentability, the Unfallen have taken to consuming various embalming fluids to stop the decay of their bodies, freezing them in time. A common issue with consuming these fluids results in Flesh-Hold, a condition that freezes your flesh in place permanently. Flesh-Hold is never fatal but can cause social and physical issues to the inflected. Being unable to show emotions due to a frozen face or losing the function of your hand are examples of this. Luckily, Unfallen anatomy allows them to cut off these hunks of locked flesh without much permanent issues.


To avoid the complications of Flesh-Hold, a group of Unfallen Alchemists within Bastion have started working on a better way to properly stop the decaying of their form or potentially even regrow the lost flesh. They have aptly named themselves the Unblemished, but as of yet have not had any proven success.
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General Information

Chemical Compound
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species
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