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the Sea Princes

The decedents of the first orcish explorers and raiders from a land far to the east the Sea Princes are not a politically united people like the Kloutish . Instead the people of Atane use the term to describe the city-states of of Otin and Hodrane.   Throughout the history of the Sea Princes they have gained a reputation as ruthless pirates and raiders, however in truth as they have settled into their new lands their interests have increasingly focused on trading rather than raiding to increase their wealth.


The City States are independent and compete with each other for dominance.

Public Agenda

The first aim of any Sea Prince worth the name is his city's independence. The second aim to expand his wealth through raiding or trade.


Fleeing their homelands, the first orc ships arrived off the coast of Otin and Hodrane in 602 AC.   Those first orcs raided and ravaged the islands and their human inhabitants until establishing their first city of Mulderby. Over the next two decades hundreds of ships would arrive and establish numerous cities and start to intermingle with the pre-existing human populations.   At the same time the Sea Prince states, started to raid each other and the lands of Atane. Having lived in relative peace the Sea Princes became feared particularly in Kloutland and Graytrem.   Overtime the Atanian's became more adept at responding to the scattered and uncoordinated Sea Prince raids and thus such raids became less profitable and riskier. Many raiders began to turn to trading or developing their domains. That being said many Sea Princer's retain their piratical traditions and raid the northern seas.
Founding Date
602 AC
Political, Confederation
Alternative Names
The Pirate Princes
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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