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Welcome to the world of Raethea and in particular to the continent of Atane. I have created this to set out the history, geography and politics of the world in which our adventures will take place.   My aim is to create a world where both the party and Dungeon Master ("DM") enjoy exploring the world, meeting the characters that inhabit it and solving the many challenges that DnD poses to players and thier characters. If you ever have any suggestions or ideas that you think will make the world more detailed please do not hesitate to raise them with me.   Our adventures (in the beginning) will mostly take place in the north of the Kingdom of Kloutland, which in its recent past has been conquered and pillaged by the united Sea Princes of Otin and Hodrane but has recently been reconquered by the Kingdom. The new, young and energetic King of Kloutland wishing to strengthen the north against future attacks is focusing much of his energy and resources into developing the north which brings both the promise of increased prosperity and certain change to the culture of the hardy and independent minded northerners.   So without further ado lets role some dice and get into it.