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Kingdom of Kloutland

Forming the southern two thirds of the island of Atane the Kingdom of Kloutland is a minerally and agriculturally wealthy kingdom that lies to the north west of the Atanian mainland.

The Kingdom was officaially formed in King Lefowich I of Flox who through diplomacy and force of arms managed to unite the southern petty kloutish kingdoms into one country in 534 PC. The fiercely independent northern petty kingdoms of Norrland and Strathlynde remained independent until the Sea Princes ravaged their lands in the seventh century AC. In the wake of the Sea Prince onslaught Norrland and Strathlynde south the protection of the kloutish crown.   Today, Kloutland united under its young but capable king Landon III is a minerally wealthy and agriculturally prosperous country. Landon's is an ambitious ruler who plans to internally strengthen his kingdom by redeveloping the north to prevent future Sea Prince or Freelander invasions.

Public Agenda

Kloutland as an island nation is a traditionally isolationist kingdom and tries to remain out of the machinations of the countries of the Atanian Mainland.   Landon III has made it clear that the aim of his reign will be to redevelop the northern provinces of Strathlynde and Norrland as a means of strengthening his kingdom against the foreign intervention of the Sea Prince pirates.


The kloutish people were one of the many tribes of humans that came west as part of the Great Migration eventually crossing the narrow channel that and settling in the lands in the southern two thirds of Albader barring the mountains of Kazador home to a great many dwarves and the forrest of Tremvr home to a society of wood-elves.   Overtime, the various kloutish subtribes formed petty kingdoms that correlate to the modern provinces of the kingdom.   In 534AC, Lefowich I King of Flox united the southern petty kingdoms and the dwarves of Kazador into the Kingdom of Kloutland, the newest of the New Kingdoms.

Demography and Population

The population of Kloutland is mainly human, with substantial minorities of halflings spread through out rural areas. Dwarves form the majority population in Kazador and also form an influential minority in Kloutland. The forests are home to many wood elves mostly being colonies from the Tremvr


The The Church of the Mother is the sole recognised religion in Kloutland.

Similarly Woodelves and Gnomes are allowed to worship the spirit. This is partly due to their isolated population would make it hard to enforce meaningful conversion to the Faith.

The diaspora of Tiefling are allowed to worship Hades if they practice their faith in private.

Foreign Relations

The Kingdom of Kloutland avoid getting involved with the politics of the continent and has adopted a stance of neutrality. The Kingdom trades with all of the New Kingdoms and the Ellesarian Empire.

Strength, Prosperity, Perseverance

Founding Date
534 PC
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
Judicial Body
Court of the High Justice.
Official State Religion
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Ethnicities

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