Moon in Random Exclamations | World Anvil


light from within dark celestial bodies glittering watchers   Gazing up I see the stars. I am not well-versed in which star is which, or constellations and such. What I do know is that these are familiar friends who help mark our movement through space. They do not live by our rules, not even our physics. We describe what they live, and then find out we are wrong and have to rethink it all. They live and die in their own ways. They remind us how small we really are in comparison to all that is. They remind us that no matter what we do in our lifetime it will in no way impact them. We are insignificant.   As I sit feeling timeless and drifting, the moon crests the horizon. 'Welcome, my old friend,' I think. Today the moon is showing me a shy, crescent face. I can see the craters and imperfections where it reflects the sun, and where it doesn't if I look closely enough. I reflect the moon. I am not perfect either, and I have my dark and my light, but I am always awe inspiring.   They say we are made of star stuff so I am related to these, my celestical partners in the night.


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