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Lock's Haven


Massive mining and cave network as well as complex streets and avenues lining underground, intricately made, palatial estates of pure stone.


Long ago, in the last age, Lock's Haven served as this realm's finest independent dwarven nation. Artisans and craftsmen from across the globe ventured here for premiere goods and services of advanced architectural, mechanical, and smithing ingenuity and craftsmanship.   However, when The Gloom descended during The Moon's Cry, Lock's Haven found itself the worst prepared to stem the tide of the hordes. Although this location was used as a defensive bastion against the wild monsters of The Gloom, there was no holding back the flood. The defenses gave way, and all was lost.   The city was left a sadistic den for centuries, having been closed off by the last remaining dwarven soldiers to ensure whatever beasts descended into the depths of the city could not escape. Only when King Nicolai wished to conquer Ennadai, did he send his best armies to, one by one, slay as many foul aberrations as they could find. The ruin remains largely unexplored and untraversed despite that of an entrepreneurial bandit crew, goblin troupe, or foul rogue wishing to pilfer any valuables they can get their grubby hands on.


Beyond the magnificent entrance, a tremendous stone door carved straight out of a cliffside, the location of Lock's Haven is generally unassuming, with the simple cliffside entrance standing along a craggy hillside, extending out into the fetid fields, looking out toward The Bloodfens.
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