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The Script of Iopraex


The Script of Iopraex is a mysterious document which appears time and time again throughout both history and the world, written each time by a new author.  

An Unknown Tongue

The script itself appears to be gibberish to all but the mad, even those who write it rarely understand its words. The language used doesn't seem to have any clear connections to those extant, this is further complicated by the fact that it has been written across the world by people that speak entirely disparate languages. Scholars who attempt to study the document either leave their station, having gone mad in the process, or attempt to destroy their copies.  
Burn it! I tell you, do not let those words reach the wrong hands— for it could be the end of us all.
— A crazed scholar
  Those who manage to translate the text, speak of a recipient— stating that the text is a letter. To who, or what, they refuse to speak of— simply that it cannot reach them.

The Myth

This script has entered the realm of myth throughout many cultures, commonly being spun as a tale to keep children from slacking on their chores.  
Do not sit idly by when there is work to be done— or you may lose your hands to the spirit of the pen.
— A mother to her child

Idle hands

Each author of the script has but one thing in common— idle hands. Authors may be illiterate, young, old, ill, or healthy— nothing else matters except that they are idle and alone. Once chosen, the control of an author's body will be taken from them— reaching for the nearest writing implements. Be it a reed pen on paper, a lump of charcoal upon leather, or their own blood scratched onto the nearest wall— if need be.   Regardless of the tools used, they will write the same words each time. If they are interrupted, they are wont to attack the intruder— and will convulse and scream violently if they are pinned and unable to complete the script. They will continue to do so until they are able to finish their work. Upon completing the script, the author will pass out— finding control of their body returned to them upon waking up.  


The Script of Iopraex appears throughout the world, and has done so for an unknown period of time— and will likely continue to do so until it finally reaches its recipient. Notable examples include; an ancient king who was possessed to carve the script into the stone backing of his own throne— after he passed out he was put to death by a fearful court who did not believe him when he claimed to no longer be possessed, and a Gokh child who received knowledge of the future— of what would happen once the letter reached its destination— who would later on in life become an author, sparking fear and controversy within their own clan.


Author's Notes

Feedback is very much welcome! Whether on the content, or the formatting! Please, point out typos if you spot any!

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Jul 8, 2020 21:08 by Stormbril

This is a fantastic, creepy take on the prompt! I like that the whole thing is a mystery. I wonder who or what is taking over these bodies, and what the letters true purpose is.

Jul 8, 2020 21:43 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Thank you! I have some ideas on it, unsure if I'll write explicitly about the purpose, or if I'll write about the beings involved and only hint at this— or just leave it alone!

Jul 9, 2020 11:20 by C. B. Ash

Oh so good. So creepy!   This is my favorite part:

Do not sit idly by when there is work to be done— or you may lose your hands to the spirit of the pen.
  That quote just hammered home the feeling of the whole article for me.   The mystery is very nice. I'm even dying to know what the Gokh child *actually* saw!

Jul 9, 2020 16:45 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!   Only the child truly knows the answer to that one.

Jul 11, 2020 18:39

So scary and mysterious. I want to know more now! Like who is the recipient of the message? Does he/she/it exist (yet)?

Jul 11, 2020 23:10 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Thanks!   The recipient exists, just not written yet. Idk if I ever will, but if I do— I likely won't explicitly tie them to this article.

Sep 6, 2020 04:09 by R. Dylon Elder

found just a little typo here, i think.   " If they are interrupted, they are wont to attack the intruder" is it meant to be want?   I really like this. Its kind of scary, and so much is left unexplained that it could be so many things. Lots of potential stories could come from it. well done!

Sep 6, 2020 04:16 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Nope! "Wont" is a real word! It means "likely" or "inclined," effectively. It can ALSO be used as a noun ex. she started her morning with a cup of coffee drowned in syrup, as was her wont. It's a POWERFUL word.   Thank you! Glad you enjoyed! I hope this points to you starting to come out of your post Summer Camp burnout too?

Sep 6, 2020 18:03 by R. Dylon Elder

Hmmmm, learn something new every day. I always thought it was want when used in that context. Very nice! Yes indeed it does. Sadly my burn out was fueled by losing my job. Spent the last few weeks getting affairs in order and spending time with the kids. I finally realized I now have all this time to write too. Lol new stuff coming soon, and of course, I have plenty of articles to read!

Sep 6, 2020 19:31 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Sorry to hear about your job, glad you found the silver lining though! Hopefully you'll find employment again soon!

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