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The Wolf's Rebellion

The Wolf's Rebellion is the latest conflict to take place over the bide stones upon the Venetan Peninsula. It ended with the Sunlen Kingdom as victorious. The cost to both the Masked Lords and the rulers of Veneta was rather vast and neither side can say that they pulled away from the battle with any definitive advantage. The people of Veneta await the day that the bannerfolk shall march upon their soil once again with bated breath.

The Conflict


The Silveiseans put forward a resolution that all bide stones should be collected and brought to Veneta. The Masked Lords took exception to this and resisted. A collection of lords, with the Wolf as their leader, began to move with their bannerfolk upon the Venetan Peninsula.


The bannerfolk that moved upon the Venetan Peninsula came primarily from five different masked lords: Wolf, Eagle, Ferret, Otter, and Pike. The Silveiseans moved their naval forces from the island of Kiger to the Venetan coastline.


Much of the primary battle took place in Veneta, the capital of the Sunlen Kingdom.


The masked lords that participated against the Sunlen Kingdom were immediately put to the sword and their bannerfolk were forced to disband. The Sunlen Kingdom was left in massive debt to the Silveisean Empire.


The disbandment of the bannerfolk caused many of the towns and villages tied to the masked lords to disappear.

Historical Significance


The battle was bloody and the Queen of Veneta was forced to deal with the aftermath after her husband's untimely death. The war effort was considered effective, however the cost of the war to the Sunlen Kingdom was vast. The Silveiseans were exacting when they brought down the force of their military might, and they made sure to put the burden of that victory back upon the Sunlen Kingdom.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
486 TA
Ending Date
487 TA
Conflict Result
Defeat and dissolution


  • Baruilden and Bheid, The Center
    Often referred to as the center of Prominence, the continents of Baruilden and Bheid rest here. North of Bheid are the lands that control it, smaller islands of immense wealth known as the Silveisean Empire. Beneral and its smaller sister island, Kais, are positioned south of Baruilden and northeast of Silveis. To the west of Beneral and Kais, lies the small island of Alcoan. Baruilden is found in the north. East of Baruilden is the continent of Sananrein.

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