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From the letters of Quri Nogan:   Before the Elderage evolved into their current state, they existed as the Eldara. This progenitor species is responsible for shepherding all other species upon Prominence. But who were the Eldara and why were they stationed in this hierarchical position in the first place? It seems that we can only speculate.   When Athrune died, she left within Idris, the largest of the suns, a divine spark. This spark grew inside of Idris and needed to be extracted by Vrol. Here is an excerpt from the Abidement on the matter:   In the time before the world-after, Athrune the first, set fire to the void from which all other beings emerged. From that she created the mighty Idris, fire of fires. and with the ashes left over she made the land and in doing so named it Prominence. Upon a mountain, Athrune birthed the first peoples, the Aqein, the Olna, and the Ela and placed within Idris dark shepherds for her creations, for they emerged from her untethered to reality, unwhole, and not yet living. Her most perfect creation, the shepherds, destroyed her body which scattered through the void like gemstones dropped upon a black velvet cloth. And so, Athrune died. Vrol took her sister's place and in her grief and loneliness she ripped from the flames of Idris the light of new life, the shepherds. She named them Eldara, the First People, Children of Athrune.   Vrol did separate the Eldara, of which there numbered many, and she gave unto them each a name. Within the void and light of her perished sister, the Eldara brought comfort to Vrol and all was thought well for they remained with her before all the rest were created.   Then Vrol formed another of her kind called Idren. And Idren being resourceful produced a flame in which to provide heat and life to all things. This was known as Idren's Forge, which grew brighter than Idris, though it never grew to the same size.   The body of Athrune, being of void and light, was never buried and so it was collected and set next to the land of Prominence. The two circled each other in the void. And so, as they circled, Vrol wept, and all of the green things of the world did grow and all of the seas did fill.   Then as Vrol cried, she saw the passing of another of her kind, circling about the land of Prominence as her sister Athrune did. The Eldara, now upon Prominence, stared on as the light of the object conquered the night. They noticed that the tears of Vrol did pass to this one and greenery began to sprout their as well. This land, they called the Green Mother, after Vrol's sister Athrune.   Then upon the most desolate of places, Idris made a bid for his creations , the Baruilese and the Menoton. Neither did these have life for they lacked the fire of the Eldara and the spark of Idren's Forge.   As Athrune's body became cold, it blackened, and what remained of it became Naur, the dark moon. And from Naur, the Soan were given to all of the dark places of Prominence. And they brought with them life from the darkness and needed no spark to live.   At this the Green Mother gave unto Prominence the Wisp, beings of solid light, and they became the third creatures to live and create among the world.   Vrolua lacking a people to carry out her will, created the Vrolua and then with that begged of Idren to bring his forge up to such a heat that all of Prominence might feel the urge of life within them. As the forge grew hotter and hotter, a spark flew away from it and collided with the Green Mother. This third moon is known as the Spark of Idren and before the light of life passed on to all peoples of Prominence, its heat created the Telruin.   As Vrol vanished, the Eldara lost their way among the dark places, searching for their charge and never finding her as she scattered too. It is said that her body became all of the solid places within the void, as constant as grief."
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