Primatis A World of magical wonder, and magical horror

37th of Anor 139 ED

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A world created from the void, made from godly essences combined. The planes leak into the realm to create strange environments.   This world has seen much turmoil as the demons of the abyss charged through the material to attack everything and everyone. With the power of devils and celestials combined, the demons were driven back and sealed, and the war ended.   But another being sought the destruction of the world. A being similar to those who created the world sought to return the world to the void. Altoron, the dragon of the end came and shatter the lands, but with the power of several gods, and the sacrifices of millions, Altoron was sealed, to never be found again.   Currently, something is brewing in the world, as a strange cult seeks to achieve some nefarious goal.   (This world is mostly created for use in me and my friend's current campaign of 5th edition D & D. If you have questions, feel free to ask them in the discussion board called General)   I recommend checking this timeline for a general idea of the world: History of Primatis


The Excursionists

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

A group of people trying to save the world.