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Knights of Elenwen

With Grace, we give Compassion. With Compassion, we give Kindness. We Protect Life, as ours was Protected. We have been granted Wisdom, and so Wisdom we grant freely. From Life, Death. From Death, Life. Balance in all things.


The beginnings of the Knights of Elenwen are fairly simple. When the Kin were first discovered, the Elves were overcome with two urges. To teach, and to destroy. The dangers inherent in the Kin to the Elven way of life were plain for most Elves to see.   Many Elves did, in fact, call for the destruction of these 'abominations'.   The Knights of Elenwen were created - the first thirteen members granted Visions by the Goddess herself - and charged with ensuring that Elenwen's Laws were codified and followed. The Law is a simple Code, often subjective - but it shapes the strength and soul of every Elf alive today.  


The Law of Elenwen, Lady of Life┬áis in fact why the Kin were granted asylum when Nephraedis and Oilleg began to destroy Veraxis. The Law - upheld at the tip of a sword if necessary - ensured that the Kin could continue to live when the odds were against them. It is also the reason that the Elves are willing to offer Pacts - in the hope that the Humans who have lost so much might find peace, purpose, and drive in the way of the Elves.   The First Knights set their spears into the ground at the Western Garrison - and they have sworn to protect all who need Protection from the Demon King and his Corruption. Of the first 13, 8 Knights remain. Their numbers have swollen, of course - and not just with Elves.   Thanks to the fierce kindness of the Knights, many Veraxians and other Kin have sworn themselves to the service of the Knights of Elenwen. While the order is ruled by the first 8, in the ranks of the Knights all of the Kin know that they are heard.
Metaphysical, Divine


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