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Wood elves

Unlike their high elven kin, wood elves' culture is still very warlike and isolationist. One's status in the wood elven realm depends on three things: their bloodline, piety and magic power. In turn, wood elves' religion is closely tied to magic, and most of their noble bloodlines were founded by elves known for their piety and magic power. Combined together, it results in magic, especially battle magic, being the cornerstone of wood elves' society, shaping their vision of the world accordingly.


Culture and cultural heritage

For wood elves, fighting enemies is the best if not only way of proving their worth. As such, most young wood elves, both male and female, spend their early years in the border patrol. This results in even small realms being able to quickly raise a strong, well-trained force. It is even more so for those talented with magic, as war is considered to be the best way to quickly increase one's magic power. Given the general obsession over magic present in their society, there is hardly a bloodline whose founder did not actively participate in the wood elves' frequent wars.

Coming of Age Rites

The elven maturity ritual consists of several trials aimed to test the youth's necessary skills. Those skills include shooting a bow, tracking and camouflaging, surviving alone in the forest and many more. Once the youth has successfully passed all the trials, they are given a chance to eat the Flatbread of Life, awakening their elven heritage in the process. After that, they are considered a grown and full-fledged wood elf regardless of the actual age. However, those who repeatedly fail the trials and do not awaken their heritage are often expelled from their realm.

Common Taboos

Any intimate relationships with non-elves, particularly with high elves, are generally frowned upon in the society. While most wood elves have no problem spending time or sharing a bed with other races, they are always expected to put the needs of their own race above anyone not belonging to it. In fact, even other wood elves can be considered creatures of lower status if not belonging to any of the elven realms.
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