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Flatbread of Life

It is ironic how the only race that can be harmed by eating the elven ritual bread are the elves themselves.
— Molnet Beltyth
The Flatbread of Life is a traditional dish used in the ritual of achieving adulthood that takes place in the societies of wood elves and high elves. Its ingredients include the bark of a Red Tree and several rare herbs, making it very hard to produce. The key traits of that dish, aside from its cultural importance, are its ability to awaken the elven traits such as long life inside the one to consume it, a taste described as something that can never be compared to any other dish, and an addiction that develops rapidly among those to try it. Those features are, however, do not manifest themselves for any other races.

Manufacturing process

  1. A piece of bark is taken from the forest's Red Tree. The goal is to take the smallest piece possible, as it is forbidden to use only part of the piece or to split it between several different flatbreads, and so the designated elves can spend days or even weeks searching for such piece.
  2. The bark is repeatedly boiled in a pot, pouring in new water every time until the water no longer becomes red from the boiling. That water is collected and later given out on special occasions, as the reason for it being red comes from the arcane energy it pulls out the bark, which also gives it a nice taste and helps those addicted to the flatbread to feel better.
  3. The softened bark and all the herbs are carefully ground and mixed. On this stage, it is most important to spread the bark evenly.
  4. The flatbread is cooked, using the mixture of herbs and bark as a base. It would later be given to the elven younglings, and many will fall sick or ill while some even die. Their auras would often be unable to handle that much arcane energy flowing through it all of a sudden, even though it was severely diluted and is, in its nature, easier for an elf to receive. When rewarded with it, the experienced elven spellcasters have no problems eating the dish due to it being less of a stress for their aura.


Eating a Flatbread of Life is the conclusion of the elven maturity ritual, as well as used when accepting an outsider to be a part of the elven realm. It also helps to awaken the heritage within those elves who consume it and is very addictive for them.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Related ethnicities
Very rare, it is mostly used during the rituals and as a reward for those elves who achieved significant deeds.
Round, with a radius of 10cm and a thickness of 3cm
Base Price
Not sold
Raw materials & Components
A small (several grams) piece of Red Tree's bark, about a dozen different rare herbs and water.
A pounder and a pot.
Red Trees
Species | Feb 18, 2019

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