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Iron wood

80 gold pieces for a whole pound of iron wood? That's a steal!
— Human merchant
Iron wood is the rarest resource that can only be found on specific, iron-rich swamps in the Endless Forest. It soaks in the vapours of a swamp, becoming very hard while remaining light. The armour made from this wood is considered to be one of the best armour in the world and sometimes costs dozens of times as much as its weight in gold. One of the main sources of income for the Duchy of Roria is harvesting and processing of this wood.


Material Characteristics

The iron wood could be easily mistaken for pinewood in terms of appearance. It generally has fewer cracks, but they go deeper into the texture.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The wood does not feel unique until you try to damage it. While it can be subject to pressure, which is a common way of processing it, it is very difficult to damage the iron wood. Even a solid hit with an axe can leave nothing but a single scratch on the wood. Along with being much lighter than actual iron and an ability to bend to a certain degree, this trait makes it a perfect material for armour. The iron wood also neither rot nor burn, though it can melt under extreme heats.

History & Usage

Manufacturing & Products

Most of the iron wood in the human realms is used for creating armour and shields. The smith would first remove damaged and inappropriate parts with a chisel. Then, he would bend the wood into a required shape. If the piece of wood is not enough to create a whole item, magic would often be used to fuse two different pieces of wood together. Castle gates can also be made out of iron wood, and they sometimes are, although it requires a lot of money and effort.


Trade & Market

The Duchy of Roria sells most of the iron wood in human realms. It is a scarce and luxury item, usually ordered only by dukes and wealthy merchants.
A full armour made out of iron wood can cost enough to buy a manor in most human realms.
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