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Crying Ore

Сrying ore, also sometimes called magic ore, is an unusual phenomenon encountered around the Endless Forest. When affected by redox, the sounds made by the ore are similar to those of crying people, specifically children. Because of that, many superstitions exist about the crying ore being either cursed or inhabited by souls of the sinners. Still, the ore is widely used due to it being one of the easiest materials to imbue with spells.


Physical & Chemical Properties

In its natural state, the crying ore looks and feels similar to common iron ore. It is, however, fairly vulnerable to cuts and scratches and could be melted at relatively low temperatures. It is also nearly impossible to bend, easily cracking instead. Any damage done to the crying ore causes it to quickly redox around the damaged area, increasing its melting point incredibly and thus making it impossible to melt if not done on time.

History & Usage


In general, the process of refinement for the crying ore copies that of the iron ore, but with lower temperature and quicker. However, chunks of the ore are often partially damaged and redoxed by the time they are put into a furnace. Those parts, which do not melt when the rest of the chuck does, have to be extracted from the melted ore, taking some of it with them in the process. As a result, the more damaged the chuck of ore is, the worse quality it is considered.

Manufacturing & Products

The crying ore is mainly used for the jewellery, for which there are third reasons. Firstly, it does not require much effort to process, allowing even the not so experienced jewellers to make beautiful things out of it. Secondly, after the initial redox, the ore becomes immune to any further reaction, unlike iron. Thirdly, the products made from refined crying ore are often used to hold spells as all other materials of the same potency are much more expensive.   Aside from that, the crying ore is also widely used in decorative art and products expected to hold their shape. The latter covers both basic items such as spoons and those fine details and parts which are often subjects to pressure.
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